Thursday, March 14, 2013

What's This Mess?

I really don't know where to begin.  I am shocked to tell you that I placed 2nd at the OB Cues Ladies Tour stop last weekend.  That's not a typo! 

I can't begin to express that I have no idea how this is even happening.  Before December 2012, I had never placed above 4th place before on the OB Cues Ladies Tour in the last 15 years.  In December I placed 3rd and just in January at their Season Opener I placed 2nd, and now at their second stop, I placed 2nd again!  I honestly never thought I'd be in the finals again - I kinda thought it was a fluke or something that I made it that far in January.  Then, I won the hotseat on March 10th at Jamaica Joe's in Oklahoma City at the OB Cues Ladies Tour 2nd stop and found myself in the finals again!

 Amanda and I

I am not depressed after this tourney like I was last time.  Last time I played so badly in the finals, it literally depressed me.  This time, I played good!  Amanda Lampert was too on fire to beat her (I love when she plays this good), but I feel so good that I competed well this time.  I definitely learned from last time.  In the first set I didn't have too many chances and lost 7-1.  But I played good in the second set.  Whew!

I countered the first set debacle with opening the second set with a break and run!  I even pulled ahead 4-3 at one point, that was short lived as I lost 5-7.  BUT.  I played so much better in this finals than the last one and I am definitely making progress.  :)

I do think this journey to the finals was also kinda a fluke, but I did play good at times (esp my matches on Sunday) and I took advantage of mistakes all weekend.  I felt more mentally strong, too.  I reviewed little notes I had written down for inspiration and felt really stronger mentally.  I was also more prepared in the finals, and I know that is a direct result of recently playing in the finals in January.

I had mentioned on Friday in my blog that I was apprehensive about this tourney.  I didn't go into detail, but the pressure to place well again after placing so high at a previous tourney can actually be very tough.  I have seen many people falter after a big win.

Each tourney is a learning experience for the next one and the recent little accomplishments have really helped me.  In December, I made it TO the hotseat for the first time ever in a big ladies tour event.  Next tourney I actually WON the hotseat and played in the finals for the first time.  Next tourney I played well IN the finals.  I can honestly say I am excited for what may come.  :)

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