Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Scotch Doubles Reminders

On Saturday I played in a scotch doubles tourney and my partner and I only placed 4th.  We should have won the whole thing, but we did not :(

(click photo to enlarge to see Roy's Sports Bar)

I felt overly confident when we started off, but as the tourney went on, I got more and more unsure of my choices and felt I would be told what I did wrong, and therefore it affected my play immensely.  I was thinking while down on my shots, second guessing my choices, and very un-confident.

My boyfriend was my partner and we have had only about three instances of not playing well together in the last 2 1/2 years.  I suppose those odds are good, but it still upsets me we even go through these types of situations where he comments on my shots and we end up not placing well.  He knows I play best when he just supports my misses or choices, but as most men do, he was simply stating facts and hadn't remembered I do best when he's simply supportive.

I told him this week, "You are lucky I don't write about what happened in my blog."

His response: "I figured you would anyway."


I wonder if that crosses his mind sometimes, like, "Oh shit, she's gonna write about that."  lol

I am kinda glad this bad scotch doubles situation happened, though.  We have a much bigger scotch doubles tourney coming up next week at the BCAPL Texas State Tourney.  Last year we placed a measly 2nd and we should have won it.  (I said that above, too, huh? lol. But, we were one shot away from being in the hotseat last year.)

Anyway, I think it's good we got that mess out of the way and it was a great reminder for him to not second guess my choices out loud TO me.  I do so much better with support, even if I dog it.  :)  Seriously, I can recover much faster from a mistake if he just says, "it's okay, Honey" instead of "you should have used draw on that ball," because that puts doubt in my head.  As he remembered after the tourney, he can share advice AFTER the tournament is over with - during just messes with my confidence.

Further, the tourney showed some reoccurring flaws in my pre shot routine and those mistakes will now be a great reminder for the upcoming tourney in all the events I play in.

So, glad that happened.  Really!

And then on Monday (just two days later), we played at the same pool room for league as we had on Saturday.  For some reason I could see the table and balls and layouts SO MUCH clearer!  It was amazing.

But, I was also more cognizant of thinking when standing and getting back up if I wasn't sure, because just on Saturday I was not doing that.

And it showed in my stats!  I play on a strong men's team and we played against another strong men's team.  I won 3 outta 5 games WITH a break and run!  :)

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Anonymous said...

This is my 1st time seeing your blog..not sure if you welcome comments but i agree.. It bothers me too when men try to just state the obvious to help correct your game instead of being supportive in the moment. . Correct my game me now. You played well. Watched and followed the boards. Be proud! You are an awesome female player in what is still a male dominant sport.