Friday, March 8, 2013

This Weekend's Outlook

Playing the OB Cues Ladies Tour this weekend at Jamaica Joe's in Oklahoma City.

I practiced at home on Wednesday and played really, really poorly.  :(  At league on Thursday I messed up the first game, but really saw my last three tables excellent and felt super comfortable.  SUPER comfortable at the table!

Being that I placed 2nd at the previous OB Ladies Tour Stop, I feel a little bit of invisible pressure.  And the last time I played at this venue for the OB Cues Ladies Tour, I think I won one whole match!  So, I didn't fair well.

I just need to remember to breathe, take my time.  The Diamond bar tables are super fast, so I don't need to hit hard at all, and have a smooth stroke, too.

I need to think out side of the box, execute in the box.  Remember to look at the object ball last.  Did I mention take my time?!

Hugs to everyone and safe travels!

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