Friday, March 15, 2013

Pressure from Coworkers

I realized today how much I appreciate the fact that I do NOT share my pool life with my coworkers.

While you may think it would be cool to get support and acceptance from coworkers, I look at it in a different light now.

While I do wish people understood my passion (pool) more and didn't smirk about it, I am okay with the fact I do NOT talk about my pool tournaments.

I actually feel less pressure after tournaments now, because I don't have to report to my coworkers my results.

I learned the hard way that people don't accept me playing pool, so what did I do about it?  I stopped talking about.  Even if someone happens to ask, "Do you still play?"  I reply vaguely.  Or if they find out I went out of town, they ask, "Oooh, for a tournament?"  I just fib and say no.  With too many frowns and non-support, I just don't tell anyone.

What is SUPER cool about this though is now I don't have to fade the Monday morning questions.

I used to "advertise" I was going out of town for a tournament.  Then come Monday morning, I would get all the questions:

Coworker:  "How did you do?"

Me:  "I placed 13th."

Coworker:  "13th?  Is that good?"

Me:  "Yes it is. It was a tough field."

Coworker: "Cool.  Out of how many people?"

Me:  "31 players."

Coworker:  "Oh.  Well, how much money did you get?"

Me:  "$40"

Coworker: (silence, combined with a look of confusion)

At this point, it's obvious they don't know why I would spend money on a weekend full of hotel bills to play in a tourney for a measly $40.  Not realizing when I said that it might have been the highest I had ever placed before.

Then the next Monday after a tourney, more questions; more smirks, more un-understanding.  Then I started to feel pressure over the weekend, knowing I'd had to fade the questions and admit I didn't win another tourney. 

I honestly used to dread having to give an update on Monday mornings.  :( 

Now, I get to come to work after a weekend-away tourney, or a big tournament in Vegas or Reno, and not have any second guesses or questions to answer to.  :)  I don't feel bad not placing well or spending my money on my passion.  :)


R Riley said...

so true

Babylon Brother said...

This was such an interesting perspective on an obvious issue that a person who competes must deal with in the workplace.