Saturday, October 30, 2010

PoolDawg Fall Catalog Surprise

I'm sure many of you are familiar with Frank the PoolDawg.  Well, Frank LOVES his pic taken.  He was all over Vegas during the BCAPL having his pic taken! 

Frank watching the Pros

Frank sunning with Samm Diep at the Riviera Casino pool

Turns out one of the many pics Ashley and I took with Frank in Vegas in May made it prime time.  Ashley and I found ourselves on the inside cover of the Fall PoolDawg Catalog! 

Mike from PoolDawg shared with me, "We like to sprinkle the “be seen with Frank” pictures throughout the book and we were doing a bit of a “rock ‘n roll” theme this year so the pictures fit in perfectly.  The picture of you two from the BCAPL event is on the inside front cover."

(Click image to Enlarge) 

Now, go ahead and view the full catalog here and purchase one of the many items you will want to buy for yourself to show your support for the love of the game.  :)

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Mike Feiman said...

Glad you like the pictures Melinda! Thanks again for posing with Frank and giving PoolDawg some love on your blog!!