Monday, October 4, 2010

Gettin' Ready for the Weekend

I don't normally post too much personal details on this blog, this blog is suppose to focus on pool, mostly.  But as we all know, being able to play pool effectively requires good mental toughness and strength.  When things go on around us in our personal life, sometimes it makes it tough for us to concentrate, or to even attend a tournament.  Life may be pool to many of us, but life sometimes gets in the way of pool.  

The first two weekends of September were pool tourneys for me - Texas Open, then OB stop in Arlington.  Then I had a weekend "off" of traveling and I therefore took advantage of being in town and got in some straight pool matches and also ran a lot of errands.  Then came the final weekend in September and little 'ole me goes to Las Vegas!  I go with two cool girlfriends and we get to meet up with Ravee (pool fan) and Justin (of the famous TAR).  But, we mostly have a girls-only-weekend full of too much fun!  Poolside, dancing, gambling, eating well.

Yvette and Justin being funny b/c of their heights!

Ravee, Kristen, Yvette, and I on the dance floor.

So much fun made me super dehydrated on the last night and let's just say I am now drinking MUCH more water than I ever thought I possibly could.  Eeeek!

The following weekend I then went to Shreveport to gamble, shop, and have yet another girls-only weekend with two other friends of mine. They made sure I drank lots of water so I wouldn't faint like I did in Vegas.

My coworkers and I, before going to Shreveport.

So, THIS weekend coming up, I am going to Austin for the next OB Cues Ladies Tourney.  What does this mean?  Besides I travel a lot, lol....

This means my ONLY goal this week is to try and get sleep.  It's only Monday, though, and already last night I didn't sleep well.  Not a good way to start off a week of needing sleep, huh?  Tomorrow morning I will be getting up around 4am to take Mom to the hospital.  They are shocking her heart (cardioversion procedure) on Thursday and she has to go in for prepping two days before.  I don't see sleep in the future for me this week.  I'm already behind and trying to catch up.  And I will be worried about Mom.  I hate she is scared!  :(

....Yes, I WILL continue to drink lots of water.....

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poolminnow said...

Best wishes for your mom (and for some sleep for you this week)