Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Last Straight Pool Match of the Season

My previous straight pool match, I lost and shouldn't have so as I stated before, I was seriously going to forfeit the final match I had to play.  Can't move up into first or second place with my now three losses...

Then the crazy league director gave everyone an extra month to finish out the season - so, I had to break down and play my final match.  Ugh!  :) 

I believe I'm suppose to defeat this opponent, as I have won every match against him in the past with no pressure.  But check this out:

I lose the lag, leave him a long shot that he misses, I miss the next shot.. and then he runs 15!  I inch my way and grab some points but he has me down 15-32.  Then 31-50.  Yikes!

I don't get upset, emotional, or anything.  I just sit back patiently (while I'm eating my grilled chicken and carrots) and wait to see if I get to catch up, make runs, make points.  Eventually I get within one point, 54-55.  I still don't think ahead though and maintain composure.  I lock my eye on the object ball, stay down, smooth stroke.  I then have a run of 12 to get ahead.  I finally win 100-83.  Whew.

We should be getting the stats at the beginning of Nov and I will share my final numbers with you then.

I'm still sad that we wont start the next season until January.  :(  What am I gonna do for two months without a straight pool match?? 

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