Sunday, October 10, 2010

Austin OB Stop

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, I wasn't sure if I could catch up on sleep because of so much going on at home. Turns out, lack of sleep was the least of my worries as Thursday night I had to call 911 because my Mom's advanced emphysema was causing her to gasp. We stayed in the ER from 9pm until 3am, where we finally got a room in the Heart Ward.

Mom is breathing better, but her heart rate is out of whack. The hospital has wi-fi and so as I sat with Mom over weekend, I was able to get updates of all my friend's progress online who played in the OB Cues Ladies Tour stop in Austin.

Congrats to Amanda Lampert for winning the tournament! She offered to stay back with my Mom and I in lieu of going to the tournament (she knows it's just me with Mom), but I told her, "that's very sweet, but go to Austin and win the tournament for us." And she did!! Congrat's, Sweetie!  SO happy and proud of you!
Here is Amanda and I at the previous OB Stop (she won that tourney, too!)

Mom should be able to come home this week sometime. I hope she feels better soon. :(

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