Thursday, September 30, 2010


As I mentioned in my previous post, I went to my favorite pool room on Tuesday night to meet up with Ashley, and we ended up playing two sets for practice and pride, lol.

What I failed to mention was The Annoyer.  I don't normally snap back at people that make comments to me.  I either don't say anything and then run to my friends and vent about you (lol) or I will simply feel agitated and keep my thoughts to myself.  However, on rare occasions, I will say something in strong defense to the words coming out of your mouth at me.

This night, I snapped back.Granted, it wasn't an all out verbal fight (I wish no one to ever see that side of me), but I didn't keep my words to myself this time.

The Annoyer is otherwise a really nice gentlemen but he likes to pick on me about wearing my ipod.  When I would practice at my Fav pool room (Rusty's Billiards in Fort Worth, Texas) on Saturday or Sunday afternoons, I would be wearing my ipod so people would not interrupt me when I was practicing (FAIL).  The Annoyer would see me and walk up to me, knowing I couldn't hear him.  He would pretend to say something, moving his lips funny with no words coming out, and then he would point to his ears annoyingly, like "you can't hear me?"  Then he would finally say out loud, "Oh, you must be wearing your music thingy."

So Tuesday night he shows up and he tries to say something to me and I can hear him because I wasn't wearing my ipod during the sets with Ashley.  He points to me and asks, "Are you wearing your music thingy?"  He moves his hair to uncover his ear, like motioning to me, "is your ipod hiding under there."

"nope," I reply, already agitated with him by that one little sentence, lmao.

About 30 minutes later, he moves close to our sparring table and he's talking to a friend on the rail.   After I get out that game he all of a sudden he says, "oh, you finally showed up."  


"You finally showed up."

"Oh, you gonna talk about my game now?"

"Well, you look mighty good tonight, though. I like you in that shirt."

"So, you are gonna talk about my game and then try to give me a compliment?"

Mind you, I played real good the first few games and the next two games that he happened to watch I didn't play that well.  But, I had already "showed up" thank you very much.  He just didn't see the beginning of the set.

Ashley finally realizes after a few more snaps that I am not joking and she puts on her "don't mess with my friend hat" and starts telling him to stop it and leave us alone.

He slithers to the other side of the table and shares with another railbird, "What?  She does look good."  I snapped back again, "still talking crap over there?"

Yes, I know, this is a minor incident.  It even occurred to me during the 'word swapping' if it was anyone else but The Annoyer, I probably wouldn't have been so agitated so easily.

But, this is just one example of the kind of thing every single pool player goes through every now and then.  I hope to share more stories with you as these situations come up. They make for a good read, don't ya think?


p00lriah. said...

little annoyances snowball into a large boulder of frustration. i'm glad u let it out of ur system. in this society at least, u have to let the annoyer know ur sick of the crap. besides, holding that in is bad for ur health; u go into rumination mode & the next thing u know u have a headache. :P not worth it.

R Riley said...

this cracks me up... esp the nicknames you give people.. HILLARIOUS!!!