Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fundamentally Stronger

After my second loss of the season last Friday in my Straight Pool League, I still have other matches to play so I had an appointment Monday night.

I had little concerns about my opponent and even though I was tired, I still felt okay. Ashley came by and sat with us and for some reason she doesn't bother me. I think it's because she knows my game and knows straight pool well, so I actually enjoy her watching. She doesn't distract me, if that makes sense, like others have done before.

Chuck and I start playing and boy are we having fun! We foul six times in just 15 innings, lmao. We started to joke aloud with each other, wondering if there is a stat on the league for Most Fouls in a Game, LOL!

Although I was scratching, I can't begin to express how great I feel right now about my game and my fundamentals!! I was staying down well, not moving my body when I stroked, keeping my eye on the object ball - it felt so beautifully. Yes, I still flubbed some and missed shots, but I am in awe right now about how solid my fundamentals are right now.

I even told Ashley, "I know I'm scratching and stuff, but boy I'm playing well. " She said she could see it too, but she might have just been agreeing with me, hehe.

I had many GREAT breakout shots. Smart breakouts - thinking of where would be the best area to hit the stack and what English to put on the cueball so I would have a next shot. I'm finally not only seeing things clearer when it comes to the breakout shots, but WHY. It's an awesome feeling, btw!

I also nudged balls into position for break out shots - more than once, too. I was really playing smart and playing well, too.

Ironically, I did foul even MORE as the game progressed, though, lol. Lots of scratches and a couple of times I didn't hit a rail playing safe. In a race to 100 with 40 innings, I fouled NINE times, lmao.

I had a 14 ball run and an 18 ball run. :) I won 100-55.

With three matches left til the end of Sept, I have my best record so far of 9-2. It wont get the the trophy, though, as two people are ahead of me. But, I still have next season! hehe.

What I really wanted to share was how happy and pleased I am about my fundamentals. I don't know why or how they seem more solid, but they are and for that I am grateful. I know under pressure they may not "show up," but... I know that I am capable.

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