Monday, October 26, 2009

Rest for the Weary

I flew to Maryland for work in mid October (just last week as I type this). Trips that involve a flight for me usually means quality AND quantity time to get things accomplished on the laptop for websites and the Ladies Tour and also to work on my lovely to-do list. By the time the battery runs out on the laptop, I have a begun writing on EACH line of the lined paper - it's filled up with things I need to get accomplished for the Tour. Not just things that need to be done before the next stop, but what needs to be updated on the tour website, and what we need to do for the championship stop, and for next year. I also write down wishes - what I would like to be added to the website if I ever got extra time. I also would write down ideas for the tour and the members. By the time the flight ended, I could easily have up to 2-3 pages filled out and I would have many emails to write to the board about a plethora of things ranging from new ideas to things I needed to tell the board that I had been meaning to tell them, but had run out of time to do so.

Well, this time, there was no list. I didn't write one thing down. I didn't even pull out my laptop. I just rested my eyes, listened to my ipod, and toward the end of the flight, pulled out their in-flight magazine to work on the "diabolical" version of Sudoku on page 35.

It honestly felt very weird to not have all those to-do items to write down for the Tour. Ideas for the website were no more, no action items, no emails to write after the flight, no to-do list. I just rested. It was weird; it was nice but yet it was a very uneasy feeling for me.

Do I miss helping run the Ladies Tour - absolutely! I love the tour, the board, the sponsors, the players. But...admittedly... although slightly uncomfortable, it was nice to just rest.

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Anonymous said...

well, if u ever get the urge again, u can go back and serve on the tour. based on ur posts though, it sounds like u can use the r & r.