Friday, October 16, 2009


In my previous blog article about "What Winner's Do", I shared this from Zig Ziglar:

Based on research experiences, the absolute highest achieving people practice three things to win in the game of life. They continually:
  • Sharpen their Focus
  • Build their Competence
  • Ignite their Passion

What I find really interesting are the
definitions of Focus, Competence,
and Passion from Wikipedia.
Check this out:

  • Focusing is used to refer to the simple matter of holding a kind of open, non-judging attention to something which is directly experienced but is not yet in words. Focusing can be used to become clear on what one feels or wants.
  • Competence is the ability to perform a specific task, action or function successfully.

    Competence is a standardized requirement for an individual to properly perform a specific job. It encompasses a combination of knowledge, skills and behavior utilized to improve performance. More generally, competence is the state or quality of being adequately or well qualified, having the ability to perform a specific role.
  • Passion can be expressed as a feeling of unusual excitement, enthusiasm or compelling emotion towards a subject, idea, person, or object. A person is said to have a passion for something when they have a strong positive affinity for it. A love for something and a passion for something are very similar feelings.

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