Thursday, April 25, 2019

Toodles Danielson

I am torn about this announcement.

I have decided to retire the Danielson project of my blog.


Well, "Danielson" no longer plays pool.

Part of me is very happy for Danielson, but part of me is sad because it was a great way to share learning experiences to you all. I still do this through Katniss, but Danielson was the first project like this, so it's a tad sad, right?

But, I am also happy for him and proud of him because he stepped away from the pool room and from an atmosphere that was bad for his health, marriage, his pocket book, his self esteem, his job, etc.

Why continue to do something that causes you strife and grief?

But he did (still does) love pool and so it wasn't an easy decision. But he knew this was for the best. Aww, Danielson is growing up!

While he misses some of his old friends (and he better miss helping out through my blog, dammit!), he is enjoying more quality time with his wife, he's away from drama that can come from long nights in the pool room, and he's spending less money.

Bottom line - less stress and he's happier!

Thank you, Danielson, but also goodbye to the Danielson of my blog!  I will leave the link to the project on the top of my blog for a bit - I am not killing him off right away, haha.

Oh, and I'm talking to someone else who we might be able to learn from through his pool journey, but he hasn't said yes yet.  But, if that comes to fruition, you know I will announce it here!

In the meantime, I wish Danielson well! I really am happy for him because he is happier.

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