Thursday, June 13, 2019

Sharing: Accolades from Interviews

One of the main reasons I wanted to conduct interviews (dream goal!) was to share obstacles pool players have overcome.  I usually always choose someone who has been through a tough time in their life, because I want us all to learn from them. And it puts a more human aspect to the player, right? They aren't just a pool player you see across the poolroom, but someone who has been through something tough, and also overcame it.

That's why it meant so much what Charlie 'Papa Red' Smith said a couple of years ago and now what another friend said about my most recent interview.

Charlie said this: (if you don't recall and we can relish together :)
"I want to thank Melinda Bailey for the article she did on me in Billiard Buzz. To be considered was an honor for me as an average pool player and individual. Melinda Bailey did a great job in asking the questions and the whole writing of the article. If you ever have the privilege of being asked to let her interview you, do it. The more we learn about our friends and their struggles in life and playing pool, makes the pool world a tighter family. IMHO. I think Melinda Bailey missed her calling by not being an Professional Interviewer.

Thanks again Melinda Bailey!"

The other player, who commented on social media about the recent Jeremy Jones interview, has been mentioned in my blog before.  Check out our discussion about the rabbit!

This is what he said this time:
"It’s amazing the way JJ has diversified his passion for pool and, for sure, deserves every single recognition that's out there.  His analysis when commentating is second to none and reflects the tremendous knowledge he has.  What he’s doing for the kiddos is remarkable, and in my dictionary, that's the difference between a regular guy and a true professional.  I’m just looking forward to read his first book: “One Pocket: table reading and shot selection-decision making process” 😎  To him and his family, my congratulations.

As for you Melinda: 99% of conversations at a pool hall are about money matches, hustling, tournament results, and tips for this or that.  If you check the table of contents of your magazine, all articles are exactly about the same topics… all, but yours.  I’ve realized about your vision to humanize the game.  Reading from you is refreshing because you go further and deeper in your interviews trying to find out the personal reasons behind their success.  Your interviews are a motivation to all those children who are looking for reasons to love the sport we are all passionate about.  We need more people like you out there doing what you do.  Keep it up lady, you're making a difference! And for all that, thank you.  "

I hadn't even thought of these two aspects the gentlemen mentioned about the interviews:

  1. "The more we learn about our friends and their struggles in life and playing pool, makes the pool world a tighter family," and 
  2. " find out the personal reasons behind their success."

It's really cool to see how my dream has led to even more benefits for the readers and our sport that I hadn't even thought of!

Thanks to both of these guys for sharing their thoughts. Really, truly means a lot.

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