Friday, June 21, 2019

"Return the Faver" - Another Free entry!

The next player has been identified for Return the Faver!

If you don't know what that is, please check it out here; this Player Scholarship Fund Award is in honor of my dear friend Dave Faver.

The 2019 "JUNIOR NORRIS" Memorial Shoot Out was honored to receive a free entry into the Open 9 ball division in honor or Dave.  Sherry Glenn (Junior Norris' daughter who runs the event) chose Alex Fonseca from Cleburne, Texas! He is a Junior Player with much talent and promise for the game. Sherry and I both think Dave would be very happy with the selection!

Here is what his Dad said and shared this photo:

"This kid loved this guy, and this guy loved this kid. We will be there in hi honor! And on behalf of his honor, the kid will also be playing with Dave's cue, the one you see him holding in this picture:"  

I'm so happy for Alex and so happy for his friendship with Dave!

BTW, I wrote about this Father and Son duo before - so it's really cool to run across their paths again!

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