Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Learning Lesson about Interviews

I love learning!

Don't you?

Wanted to share something I learned the hard way the other day.

When I ask any prospective interviewee about being interviewed for my column in Billiard Buzz, I always have some questions already in mind for them. I don't ever inquire without already knowing what I might ask. That wouldn't be proper journalism, right?

Then I wait to hear back from them before I type up all the questions.  But, I learned in late May I just might need another plan of attack lol.

You see, I asked the next potential interviewee if they were interested and I immediately received a "Yes!" back. I promised her I'd email the questions by the end of the week. Work got in the way, and I also finishing up the June interview. Then, work got busy the next week (real bad), and told her I would need another week to get her the questions. Luckily for me she was very cool about it.

Then, omg... nightmare scenario happened.

Granted, none of this would be a nightmare if I had the Internet at home, but that's not my fault! That's the fault of the companies who wont install wiring underground in my neighborhood.

But I digress....

I ended up for the first time in my life getting a sinus infection. I don't know about you, but I haven't had one before and I actually was out of work for almost two full weeks. And because I do all my computer and Internet things at my desk at work, I could not send her any questions via email as I had not prepared them yet!  And, I couldn't even drive a car - that's how bad my infection was - so I couldn't even sneak to work on either weekend to type them out.


So every week I sent her an apology email... "Next week...."

Well, that sad pattern continued for weeks of apologies - literally 4 weeks later than originally planned!

So, to say the least, I wont be making the July issue.

But, not to worry, as I'm not worrying! As you recall from my blog post last month, I'm learning to not let things stress me.  Including deadlines!

But, it's an interesting learning lesson for me.

Because actually, no one has (yet!) actually turned me down when I've asked if I could interview them. So, maybe I should prepare the questions ahead of time just in case unforeseen things happen again.  What a concept, right?!  Oh, and I just realized that will also decrease my stress because I wil already be prepared. Hmm...

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