Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Please Praise Players for High Finish

I think it's very unfortunate and sad the way players complain about lower handicapped players.

Because the Omega Billiards Tour is handicapped, you can imagine that it is the number one complaint.  But, the complaints aren't just to me, but to the players, as well.

If the Tour wasn't handicapped, the comments wouldn't be quite as personal or rude to their fellow players.

BTW, the reason the Tour is handicapped is so all levels of players can compete.  This was the sponsor's biggest passion for the tour, and it has proven successful because we have full fields over 90+ players, 12 times a year.  Sure, a non-handicapped tour would also be successful, but it would not garnish 90+ players ever month, every year if the same players keep winning all the cash.

However, let's just ponder a moment IF the Omega Tour was non-handicapped.... I personally think the players who were lower ranked would not get "bullied" for performing well, instead they would be given praise by their fellow players.

On Sunday last weekend of the Omega stop, a few players were talking about a 5-ranked player and a 6-ranked player who were having a good day on Sunday (one placed 5th and the other placed 7th).  It was each their very first time to even make it to Sunday!  Yet some of the players were not happy for them or congratulating them, instead they were questioning their ranking.

I think this is in direct relation to the Tour being handicapped.


Dang it.

At some point, everyone's game improves and we have a few good tournaments before we become consistent.  And these out-of-the-ordinary-tournament-finishes are a gem in our journey where we finally finish decent.  And I bet you weren't badmouthed, talked about on the sidelines, or questioned.  I don't know if you were congratulated per say, but I bet your finish wasn't diminished by the whispering of "he's under rated; how is he doing so well; he should move up; he's definitely not a 5;" etc.

Again, every player who finally has a good finish should be given a pat on the back for their first-time-to-place-that-high for them.  Not to feel ashamed or embarrassed for their ranking, or felt they only placed that high because their handicap is too low.

Give these players some respect for their first-time high finish!

I have been harassed openly on social media for being an Open player.  It was NOT a fun experience and yet it's not the players fault for their ranking - it's the system being used or the Tournament Director's decision.  To harp on the player or about the player is just so unfair and ridiculous.

Why not PRAISE players for doing well?  HELP them in their journey.  Don't discourage them with snide remarks or even joke to them about their ranking.  Instead, pump them up and congratulate them for their great finish that they have struggled to achieve for years! 

Do good, not harm.

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