Tuesday, March 7, 2017

What a Chat Led To

I mentioned that I am now a regular contributor of American Billiard Radio.

My purpose is to contribute by chatting about a topic I've written about in my blog.  And my goal is to help at least one person each time I'm on the program.

Simple goal, right?


But, I never really know what I am going to talk about and sometimes decide on the fly what the topic will be for that day.  I try not to spend a lot of time thinking about it, I'm much much better on my feet.

So when David Bond (the host) contacted me late last Thursday, I looked at the topics from the recent week of blog topics from my blog to figure out which one might be good to chat with him about:
Every topic was actually interesting and I really wanted to talk about them all, lol, but I decided on "Talking After You Miss."

Basically, I explained that after a player misses, the extroverts (more than the introverts) sometimes don't sit right down in their chair, and instead make small talk to someone in the crowd, and that's not really fair.  Although not normally intentional, it's still a distraction to your opponent.

I told David, "let's say I'm the introvert and you are the extrovert..."  And I went on to explain that when he, as an extrovert, talks to someone in the crowd after he misses it's actually a distraction to me who is now at the table trying to shoot.  Further, he doesn't even realize that it's really not fair he gets to talk to someone, because in reality it can have a calming effect to vent.   And yet I sit down and take care of my emotions internally.  Further, after I miss I give him the courtesy of being quiet and not talking to others.

He then shares that he is indeed actually an extrovert (I didn't know lol), and that now he felt bad reflecting on the topic because he's prolly done this in every tournament he's played in!  LOL.  He felt so badly about it, he labeled the episode, "Are You Rude?"

Are Your Rude? 
Tonight Mr. Bond chats with Melinda Bailey, author of Pool is a Journeyabout "table talk" and how it may effect your opponent during a match. Did we forget how to be courteous to our fellow players? 

I got quite tickled that I indeed helped at least one person DURING taping!  lol.

Check out the broadcast for yourself HERE.

We talked more about it after the taping ended and he really was affected by the topic and wondered if he bothered a lot of players unintentionally all the years.  Poor fella.  RUDE.  Just kidding.  :)

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