Thursday, March 9, 2017

Article Knocking

As a Tournament Director I get a lot of complaints.  A lot of kudos, too, but also some complaints/concerns.

I heard this the other day:

"Well, since you sent the article in so quickly after I won the Omega Tournament, now people know who I am."

I replied something like, "Come on, everyone knows you already and they can look up your Fargo Rating by name anyway."

He laments, "I was hoping to sneak around for a little while longer.  And I have a big tourney this weekend."

Sneak?  Everyone around Texas and Louisiana already knows him, and he only plays tournaments.

I tried to express everyone already knows who he is, but he really seemed to think that article hurt him.  And I suppose to did up his calcutta bid during his next big tournament because they did announce he had just won the Omega, but still.... isn't that a normal cause and effect?

Although I felt a little bad about it, I then wondered, if you are worried about people knowing who you are, then why are you playing in the Omega in the first place and snapping it off?  lol

It's funny, when I don't send in the article timely, I get complaints.  When I do, I get complaints.  I already know I can't make everyone happy, but I was honestly taken aback because he already plays so good and his really high Fargo Rating proves it.  I was surprised he was even concerned about the article.

Some players are ecstatic of their write-ups and announced accomplishments, others, I guess not.

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