Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Hill--Hill Win (diagrams)

Found myself on the hill-hill game for the second time in two weekends for my ladies league.

This particular match was more crucial as it was to see who would move to the finals or not.

Here is what happened in diagrams, I was solids.  Click any photo to enlarge.

I played safe and she did the correct thing and made my 9ball.  

I then had ball-in-hand and I tried to break out the 2/8, but failed to spread them apart like I wanted to do even with ball-in-hand on the 15 ball.

 I then decided to use the 12 ball to get shape for a short rail bank on the 8 ball.  

 I failed to get that shape and then had no choice but to bank the 8 in the cross corner.  I made it!

I was really trying a two-way shot - leave the cueball nestled up against her 2 ball in case I missed (it wasn't one of my favorite bank shots that I felt comfy with).  I did not accomplish that, so I got lucky I made the 8-ball for my team hill-hill.

We then found ourselves in the finals!  We lost that match because we were all so tired, but super proud we placed second again!  Second year in a row!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Scared of Me?

During my ladies league playoffs last weekend, the toughest player told me she was scared of me.  That's pretty funny because I used to be scared to play her!

She is a good friend of mine now, but I was always intimated by her.  Well, everyone is intimidated by her, lol.  She plays jam up and has the attitude to back it.

She's a beast on the table.  And off the table if you don't know her, she's intimidating as well.  Once you get to know her and become a close friend, she is one of those friends-for-life type of people who would drop everything to help you out.  And she genuinely cares for her friends - no fasleness going on at all.

So, to hear she was scared to play me, was her way of complimenting me, after she beat me Sunday.  She said, "And I ain't scared of nobody!"  lol

She's sweet :)

Friday, October 2, 2015

Foul Language Alert, but Clean Hit (video)

From my Tuesday league a couple of months ago - one of the best jumpers I've ever met, my teammate Mike Stankiewicz

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Giving Advice After You Lose

On one of my last nights of my women's league season (the same night I played a biker dude, lol),I was in a tight little safety match with my opponent.

This was the table when she got ball in hand: (click photo to enlarge)

She studies the table a little bit and I presume she's going to play safe.

Instead, she makes the 3 ball, then gets good on the 5, calls SAFE, and then makes the 5 ball.

I then safety her to death because her last two balls are all tied up in mine.  It was pretty easy to play safe and get ball in hand and move my balls around until everything was open for me.  However, I missed a shot because it barely went by one of her balls and she had two easy stop shots before the 8ball to win and beat me.

She was SO excited!

She was jumping around and all happy! (as the top player in the league, I get that a lot when someone beats me, lol.)  I'm trying to be as nice as I can be and I shake her hand and smile and try to slip away with my tail between my legs.

Before I could walk away she grabs my hand to keep me near her, and she starts to share with me what she did and why she did it and then asked me if I would have done anything differently.

I hesitated at first as I was still trying to deal with my loss, lol, but she was real eager to learn, so I shared, "well, I guess would have done one thing differently."


I shared with her that it's important when you play safe to always improve your situation.  Don't just "play safe."

I explained further:

I would not have made the 3 ball and then the 5 ball, but instead, I would have used the ball-in-hand to move the 5 ball down the table toward all the stripes.  I would have rolled it in front of the side pocket, for example, so it can be used as a break out shot later.  The 5 ball is not being helpful way up table, so let's move it to make it helpful down the road.

At that point, it doesn't even matter where the cueball is left because the stripes can't be run out anyway by me because everything is so clustered.  So, the most important thing is to move the lonely solid to where it can be used as a break out ball down the road.

You'll see me punt balls a lot - I'm simply moving them to a better position if I don't have any break out balls.

Try it.  You'll like it.