Friday, May 22, 2015

Male BackTalk

It always amazing me how guys talk shit to each other.  I hear it every once in a while and every time I do, I'm kinda stunned.

As I wrote about before, women just don't do this.  We are careful not to point out flaws or poke fun at our fellow female friends.  It's just not something we do. 

Men on the other hand, they speak what's on their mind to another guy, even if it's a stab or jab or rude.  I have witnessed that most men hardly ever respond or react, they just take the words, accept it, or joke back.  Not many feelings are hurt, is what I mean I guess.  Whereas if females were to jab at each other, one would prolly go off crying or another would never speak to that female again.  We are just wired differently.

At league on Tuesday, our star player missed an easy shot in the side pocket.  One of the teammates on the OTHER team said, "Wow, how did you miss that?"

Another one said, "That's your star player, I never thought he'd miss a shot like that."

And then a few more comments ensued.

I was pretty surprised.  My teammate just sat there and watched his opponent run out and then shook his hand.

He never replied, he never shot back with words, he didn't argue back or anything.

I did see him go outside, and when he came back in he confided he had to step outside or else he would have said something.  He was upset and he mumbled, "I bet none want to play after league, do they."  But I know he wasn't seriously wondering, he was more reacting to their harsh words.

It may not seem harsh, but I was a bystander and I felt the embarrassment and rudeness of the words they said out loud and I admit I was shocked they said all that.

I just cannot see females doing that.  We might be thinking it, but we would never state out loud how bad someone is playing, lol.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Nailed It (Again)

I wrote in April that my captain had her nail girl add 8-balls to her nails:

Well, she had them "fixed up" again for ACS Nationals.

For reference, here is our team shirt:

And here are her nails!


Love this.  Talk about team spirit and the love of the game!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Disappointed My Team

Well, I didn't play up to par during the women's team event at ACS Nationals last week.  I know it's a team effort and there is no I in TEAM, but I know my teammates depend on me and I did not come through.

I don't know what was wrong with me, but I just didn't play well enough.  I was confident, but I didn't win enough games our last match and we went hill-hill and I lost.  But I should have won 2 of the other 3 games I played.

I am the best person to lose matches as I have the most experience and can handle defeat, but I still feel pretty badly about it.

I realize now I wasn't staying down well and I was thinking while down on my shots.  Just didn't play enough to work through that in time.

I admit I was bored, but I should still be able to perform well.  But, I didn't.  I feel I let the team down, but we did come from being down 6-1 to 9-8 before we lost hill-hill, so our team rallied really well!

I felt like they were disappointed, even if they didn't say so.  But, looking back, if any one of us had won one extra game we would have won that match.  So, I shouldn't beat myself up.  Plus, we played a good team.

I tried;I just wasn't playing well for some reason.  But, since that hasn't happened in a team event in several years, I admit it's shocking to me.  And stings.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Inside the Mind of a Champion

I think it would be cool to be able to listen in to the mind of a champion while they played pool.

And I don't mean for the regular shots, I mean for the difficult shots.  And what I really mean is, for the shots that we see them ponder-what-to-do-shots.

I was watching a close match against two top players in the area, who were fighting their way through Sunday matches on the Omega Billiards Tour last month.

I was giving play by play of one of the players to his best friend via text, so I was watching a little bit closer than I normally would.

At one point, they needed a ref.  I got in my position and I watched this guy try to figure out what he was going to do.

He looked around the table for a little bit, and then said to me, "I'm going to come this way and kick the ball cleanly."

Usually players don't say anything, or if I ask, they will say, "this way" and point.  Instead, he told me he was going make a good hit, basically.

Not only did he long rail kick the ball cleanly without fouling, he kicked it right in! 

I was impressed.  People clapped.  It was a nice shot!

During the next game, they again needed me to call a shot.

I got where I needed to be and I was a little mesmerized with this player.  I've never really seen him play before, and it was the first time he played on the tour in a few years.  I knew he played good and heard he played good, but watching this match, I really had no idea, lol. 

His opponent was on the hill, and he needed two games. His opponent just hooked him, and so he was trying to figure out what to do again.

Luckily for me, he was talking out loud to himself.

He would get down in his stance, and say, "kick it and hope to shit something in?" while he looked around at the table.

He would get back up, look around the table.  And you could see he was kinda going through every scenario in his mind.  His best friend, who I was texting, is also one of the top players in the area.  I have seen him play in pretty important matches and he does the same thing.  They take their time on critical shots, surveying every single scenario that could happen if they shot a shot a certain way.  They never rush and take extra time to think their way through the scenarios.  It's actually pretty impressive to see them not rush critical shots or situations, take their time, and really analyze closely ALL the options.  I love it!

Back to the table at hand -

He gets back down, again he says, "kick it and hope to shit something in?"

He gets back up, looks at the table.  Looks at the score.  Looks at the kick.  Again, out loud, "kick it and hope to shit something in?"

As he got down the final time to shoot, he got down like he was going to kick at the ball with a hope and prayer, and then all of a sudden turned his body around, and he played safe!  He rolled a ball against two other balls across the table so his opponent had to work for the run out.

It was super cool to witness.  I liked that he spoke out loud so I could join him in his thought process.  If I wasn't at the table to ref the shot, I doubt I would have heard him talking to himself.

He would end up winning that game and take the match hill-hill!

In the hill-hill match, his opponent rolled out and actually shit-kicked-safe on the two-ball.  My friend was left with another dilemma of what to do.

Again, you could see him analyze every option, every kick, every scenario.  He took his time, never rushed anything, and you could see he was going through all the options in his head.  If this happens, then this.  If I go this way, then this. 

It was a really great experience to watch this top player analyze his options.  And to see what he chose to shoot was also obviously pretty powerful.

In this instance, he two-railed kicked at the 2-ball and BARELY missed kicking it in.  It really was the best option, the one that would give him the best benefit to win at hill-hill.

He would end up losing, but those of us watching would be gaining.