Monday, June 27, 2016

Shooting Terminology

My boss plays golf pretty often - at least 2-4 times a month.  When he can, he will leave work a little early using his vacation time, to hit the links to get some good time in on the golf course.

His son came into town from college and he mentioned he was going to leave work early on Friday to go shoot.

So, as the afternoon came, I heard him getting ready to leave. 

"You going to play gold today?"

...mumble mumble...." shoot"

I asked from my office through the wall towards him, "What?"

He replies a little louder, "we are going shooting."



I asked intrigued, "Shooting what?"  Since it's not golf, is he shooting pool with his college son??

"No, we are shooting guns..... at the gun range."

"Oh!  Well, hell you have to be more specific about 'shooting' when talking to a pool player."  LOL

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Best Team Shirt

I still think this would be the absolute best team shirt EVER! 

/insert evil laugh here/


Friday, June 24, 2016

To Play or Not to Play?

Ladies tourney this weekend in Dallas - only about an hour from home.  Do I play, or not play?

Most of my being isn't even interested.

Going to Vegas during BCAPL Nationals.  Not even interested in playing there, either.  Just going for vacation and picked the same week. 

I was sharing with a coworker how cool it is to not have to compete anymore.  Don't have to deal with drama, or expectations, or disappointment, or all the emotions one goes through when competing.

Let's face it, I've had my good years.  I don't expect to do well anymore because I don't play anymore.  And.... I don't even miss playing.  

I am blessed beyond belief that I was able to have such fantastic years in pool from 2013-2015.  And it's kind of a small curse, because now that I have been successful, I feel fulfilled and want to step away from competing.

Maybe one day I will feel like getting in the ring again, but right now I can't even figure out if I have the desire to play in a ladies event tomorrow!  lol.  10-15 years ago, I'd already be packed!  I think if the atmosphere was like it used to be, I would go and try my now-old skills.  There's just a lot of reasons NOT to play.

I've learned if you really want something, nothing can stop you.  And you wont be on the fence.  And right now, I can't decide what I want to do about playing in a regional ladies tournament semi-close to home lol.  Doesn't that say something?  Doesn't that show my interests have changed? 

I may wake up tomorrow morning and feel refreshed and energized and happy and then start that drive to the venue.  Who knows.

It's tough to describe to people how moving on is not a bad thing.  Things change.  So many friends say, "you'll miss it!"  If anything, not playing just reinforces I don't miss competing, don't miss the time, don't miss the energy or emotions.  Funny, normally when we miss something, we think of the good times.  While I have fond memories I'll never forget, I'm also thinking about all the things I don't have to go through anymore or deal with lol.
Again, will never, EVER, forget all those years competing, having fun, making friends, learning about mental toughness, etc.; it's all helped me become the woman I see in the mirror (who I like, btw).  Competing gives one all sorts of learning experiences that help in every day life.  I'm blessed beyond belief!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Delays the Pain (video clip)

While watching a match during the Omega Tour stop last month on Sunday, CJ Wiley was playing Carl Bodeker.

It was a great match that went hill-hill!  The winner would move on in the event, while the player who lost would place 9th out of 81 players.  It was a big match, obviously.

At hill-hill, Carl is running out and this happens:

As I'm standing there, I say under my breath to a few people in the crowd, "well, at least he didn't scratch."  Trying to take away the sting for Carl from across the room.

One of the guys near me who is also watching quips, "yea, but now it's just delaying the pain!"

Many of us laughed at his comment, because it was so true!  He added, "at least if it scratched the pain would have already occurred and been over with, now the pain is being dragged on and delayed."  More laughter.

Pretty funny, actually - never thought of it that way.

Here is the end result, btw:

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Pool Passion - Hair Video Clip

8 ball and 9 ball shaved! Omega Billiards Tour Player, Alberto Nieto, shaves his head for the love of the game:

Monday, June 20, 2016

Not THAT Tournament

I played poker this past weekend at my favorite jaunt - Winstar Poker room - right on the state line between Oklahoma and Texas.

I have mentioned several times in my blog that I have visited there so often the last 4 years or so that all the dealers know me.  And it's a very large room - 46 tables.  So, because the dealers rotate tables every 30 minutes, that's a lot of dealer (friends) that I ended up getting to know, and then they get to know me.

So, a lot of them know I play pool.  Know I'm pretty good, etc.

So last Saturday at one point in the afternoon, one of the dealers who always talk pool with me, mentioned as he dealt cards to the table, that he had been to Vegas last month.  I asked where he stayed and he said Mandalay Bay gave him a good rate.  He then asked when I was going back and I said, "July."  Being kind in turn, he asked where I was staying.  I told him I, "didn't know yet, but the tournament is at the Rio."  

A couple of players at the table looked at me funny. 

I wasn't sure why, but they just kept quiet and listened to us talk and gab on about things.

After about 30 minutes, the dealer rotates out and all of a sudden one of the players sitting across from me asks, "Your going to Vegas for a tournament?"

"Yea.  One in July."

He looks a tad stunned, and it still hasn't hit me.

"At the Rio?" 

"Yes, this one is at the Rio, but it used to be held at the Riviera."

And then I added, "Yea, the convention center at the Rio is much more suitable for the number of pool tables and all the pool players."

And responds with, "OH!  You're going for a POOL tournament!  For a while there I thought you were playing in the World Serious of Poker's big famous poker tournament that is held in July at the Rio."


I didn't even put two and two together, lol.  The players at the poker table prolly thought I was this bad-ass poker player sitting with them, lol.  Nope, just a little 'ole wanna-be pool player.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Practice Makes Perfect

After I posted about a solid break, someone asked me to explain this sentence:

"That's yet another cause-n-effect of not often-enough play in tournaments or leagues and so I kinda forgot due to lack of play and repetition. "

I'm glad they asked!

I practiced over and over and over again my 9-ball break on a diamond bar table.  Suffice it to say, it's my most solid, accurate, and dependable break I have.

AND, because I practiced it so much and was diligent about learning the sweet spot to it, I wont ever forget how to break well on a 9-ball break on a diamond bar table.

Whereas, I did not work on or practice my break for 9-ball on an 8-foot table or 9-foot table.  When I played all the time the last 10 years, I had a certain "routine" down for those breaks that worked well for me, but since I haven't been playing, that routine is no longer there and I'm just kinda whacking at my breaks on the bigger tables.  "Hopeful Break" is what I should call it lol.

Now - had I practiced a lot my break on those larger tables as I did on a diamond bar table, I wouldn't have had to remember any "routine" and instead it would have been ingrained how I break with what speed, finesse, or solidness.

That's what I meant by "kinda forgot due to lack of play and repetition."

So, if you want to remember certain aspects of the game, practice to perfection will help you a lot if you ever take a hiatus.