Saturday, February 28, 2015

Pool Table Music Box

I mentioned in my previous blog that many people have pool-related items in their house.... and I have a couple I wanted to share with you that are unique.

Here is the second one (click photos to enlarge):

The detail is pretty amazing! 

Cute little mice all over the pool table - in the rack, in pockets, drinking beer, shooting pool with their little cuesticks.  There are also balls in the pockets. 

It's a music box and it's also animated.  The mouse in the pocket goes up and down, the mouse with the cue turns, and the rack sways back and forth swinging the couple.

Movers have moved this music box of mine from Texas to Florida and back and so unfortunately many pieces are actually broken from it (yep, I cried when I noticed).  This is over 18 years old and I have no idea where I even bought it at the time.  But it sure is amazing!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Pool-Related Drawing

Many people have pool-related items in their house.  Many of us that do, we probably all have the same items.  Right?

But I have a couple I wanted to share with you that are unique.

Here is the first one (click photo to enlarge):

When I was in Vegas for a tourney about 1999 I think, my friend Shayla and I got a caricature done of us at the Excalibur Hotel/Casino.

There were two caricature artists there, and while one created a caricature of her and I, the other one was making small talk with us.  We told him we were in Vegas for pool tournament, and then he drew the above artwork and gave it to us.

The detail is pretty amazing!  8 Ball "bonking" on the wizard's head, the bridge of wizard's hand on the cue is not bad at all, and there is powder and chalk and balls in the pic as well, of course along with a pool table.  And love his caption, "Next!" 

One of my few VERY fav pool drawings I love!

Not bad for just a little drawing as he killed time talking to us, huh?

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Trying to Play Pool During Tough Times

I don't know why I get so surprised still with things....

My biological Dad passed away on February 16th.  I found out on Feb 17th.

We were short players for league on Feb 19th and there I was, standing at the pool table during my first match, with a look of confusion on my face.

I had NO IDEA what I was doing.  I didn't know what to shoot first, or how to get rid of my opponent's balls in the pocket, nothing.  I finally banked a ball in and was pretty happy with my shape, when I then saw my shape led to NOWHERE.  My ball had no pocket to go in.  That's when I really knew I was not doing well.

I lost that game and was extremely pissed.

I was mad I had to play pool so close to my Dad's passing, mad we didn't have an extra player to play for me, mad I was confused surveying the pool table.

I could not believe I had to play pool with what I was going through.

I recognized that my upsetness was affecting the other players, so I just shut my mouth and kept to myself.  But I can tell you with all honesty I did not want to be playing pool.  I couldn't even think straight.

Luckily, the entire other team each hugged me and offered their condolences.  It meant a lot they cared and acknowledged my Dad.  It went a long way for a very tough night.

I honestly thought I would be okay at league.  But, I wasn't.  And I had no business being there at all.

I was able to compose myself enough to win my other 4 games, but I would rather have been home curled up in bed.

Life throws us curves balls sometimes and we need to take care of life before pool.  But there are times a team needs us, or an organization depends on you, and some things cannot just stop because you want to take a time out.

Yes, you are suppose to put yourself first, especially in tough times.  But sometimes, it's just not that easy.

3 months old, with my Dad, Rudy Duncan.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Scotch Doubles BCAPL Texas State Hiccup

Well, this is such sad news for my scotch doubles partner, Marty Jones, and I:

(click photo to enlarge:)

The reason why is, I decided not to play anymore in my Sunday league (for many reasons), and that was the league Marty plays out of.  The BCAPL Texas State tourney allowed players to play together in scotch doubles, even if you didn't play in the same league.  As long as you both played in a BCAPL league AND in Texas, you could play together.

I admit that when they made this changed a few years ago, I wasn't very happy about it.  I thought it was unfair that a good player from Dallas (for example) could play with a good player from say Austin, San Antonio, or Houston.  While the rest of us were putting in time in the same league.

Then, when I was making the decision not to play on Sundays, I figured, "well, this wont affect scotch at State, so that's cool."

And they JUST made this change on Monday.  MONDAY!  And the entry fee is due THIS Friday.  So, they literally made this last minute change.

There are three (3) main reason why this change affects me personally:  (1), I am only playing on a ladies-only league.  I quit my other two leagues.  Now this is becoming very painful that I made that decision.  In other words, I have NO ONE I can play with because the only league I play on is women only.  (2), Marty and I will not be able to DEFEND our title!  Oh, I am so BUMMED!  (3), playing scotch always got me ready for singles.  Ugh, so many personal impacts.

Life goes on, I know, but this change affects a lot of teams that were planning on playing together, I am hearing.  I actually think it's a good rule, but it just happened ti bite me in the butt this year, lol.

UPDATE!  After I posted this, they had listened to the many comments the received and changed the rule BACK!  Whew.