Tuesday, August 4, 2015

More Tools in the Toolbox - Example from a Pro

I wrote before how there are many tools in our toolboxes that we may not even be using, or have thought of.

I heard about one such tool while I was in Vegas for BCAPL Nationals.

During one of the pro events, Shane Van Boeing (SVB) was playing Alex Pagulayan.  If you don't know Alex or haven't ever seen him, he's a short, animated player who lives in Canada but from the Philippines.  SVB is another top professional pool player from the US.

The match was close - maybe 8-8 or so and SVB found himself in a position after the break with no shot, so he decided to roll-out.

He surveyed the table and saw that his best choice was to roll out to a jump shot.

HOWEVER - it wasn't just ANY jump shot.  He left the cueball to where Alex could NOT jump because of his height!  Alex actually jumps very well - but if he can't reach it, well....

So, Alex had no choice but to hand back the table to SVB.  Alex joked, "I blame my parents!"

It was super funny, actually.

But, SVB used a great tool in his toolbox - he literally sized up his opponent when he decided where to leave the roll-out jump shot.

Pretty clever, imo.

SVB jumped the ball, made it, and ran out.  However, Alex eventually won the match 10-9.

Remember all your available tools!

Saturday, August 1, 2015


I shared before how when I came home after being crowned a 3-time National ACS Champion last year, that I was depressed and very alone.  I had no one to share my accomplishments with and it was quite sobering.

Fast forward a year later and my friend Kimmy placed 2nd in that same ACS 9 Ball tourney I had won the previous year.  I was SO happy for her!

Although she was among friends, her boyfriend was not there with her.  After she came home, and started back at work, he sent her flowers to congratulate her!  It was one of the sweetest things I think I ever saw!  He lived out of state and was still "celebrating" with her and congratulating with her with flowers.  It really touched me and I thought it was super, super sweet.

Before I even got home from BCAPL Nationals this week, my friend Courtney said she wanted to have dinner to celebrate.  I admit, I cried when I read the text.  It meant SO much!

We met up last night at Pappadeaux:

I hardly ever see my friend Courtney anymore because I don't have my Sunday league and am slowing down on my Thursday league.  So, it was cool to have dinner and talk about my 5th place and to catch up about her family, and for her to even think of getting together to celebrate.


Friday, July 31, 2015

Game Face

Back in Feb when I went to my Dad's memorial in Virginia, his wife and his wife's sister both suggested I do my eyebrows different, as they are world renowned make up artists.

So, they plucked away at my eyebrows and taught me how to reshape them to make my eyes look bigger, younger, and my face more open and happy.

I was coloring them thin and then down on the ends, and they said I need to thicken them and for sure not draw them down.  Drawing them down makes you look sad, instead you need to open up your eyes.

So, as I shaped my eyebrows the morning of the last day of the BCAPL Nationals Singles competition, I joked with myself that I should draw my eyebrows into an angry look.  You know, drawing them like this to make me look angry and mean for my opponents:

 (for all you Seinfeld fans)

I thought it was pretty funny!  It would definitely had distracted my opponents, lol!

I then just practiced my angry, game face:

But in reality, I play best calm and cool, not angry or mean.  :)

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Finally Finished Well at BCAPL Nationals!

After all the years I have been playing at BCAPL Nationals, I can finally say that I finally finished well!!

I placed 5th out of about 250 players!

I cannot begin to express how happy and accomplished and ecstatic I feel.  I can't even put it into words, really.

I have wanted to place well for so many years, had the talent to do it the last few years, but could never come with it during game time.  This year, I did!


Still honestly, can't believe it.  I.am.so.happy!!

The girl that put me out of the tournament went on to win the entire event - the BCAPL Women's Open Singles!  VERY proud of her as she played GREAT!  Even though I had a few chances against her which may haunt me (lol) I am happy to have been beaten by the eventual winner.

And, her name was Toni and since that's my Mom's name, that was cool, too.

Further - I placed high enough to finally get moved up as an ADVANCED player.  YAY!!  So happy!   And, I was ONE match away from becoming a Master - dang it, so close...  :(

But still very extremely happy to finally place so high in this event that I have played in for about 15-20 years.  Feels awesome after all those years of thinking I can do well to finally actually play well enough to place high.

Go me!

And congrats to Toni Sakamoto for winning the entire shebang!

Everyone keeps saying how can I leave the competing after placing so high, but I have already made up my mind - no more leagues.  So, super glad I went out on a high note!  Wow - still can't believe this....  :)