Thursday, March 23, 2017

Neighborhood Pool Lovers

I was walking my ferocious rescue pit-bull, Lily, Monday around the neighborhood because of the awesome weather (high near 90) and I noticed a garage door open at one of the houses.


I heard a familiar sound as I walked closer towards the house, which was on the other side of the street.

As I got closer, yep, it was a pool table!  I was hearing the beautiful sound the balls make as they drop into the pockets.

I think it was a WalMart brand.  And that's okay!  The three guys in the garage were obviously new to pool (didn't hold their cues level at all) and in their early 20s.  They didn't care what table it was, they were happy to just play pool and have a table to play on.

I just sneaked a peek as I passed by and kept walking.

*Maybe* if I was an extrovert I would have yelled and waved my arms, "Hey, I play pool!"  lol.  But I'm not really one to talk about myself.  Heck, when people try to make small talk and say, "how about that weather?"  I just reply normally, and don't even open the door to let them know I'm a meteorologist.  lol

I just don't talk about myself to strangers whether an introvert or not hahaha.

I did walk by proudly, though, knowing they were playing pool.  Aww, the love of the game right in my neighborhood!

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Babylon Brother said...

But can you just imagine the memories those guys would have had had you walked up and asked to play? You wouldn't have had to say anything. Your game speaks for you.