Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Watch Who You Watch

I got a kick overhearing some players lament about the opponents they just played in the Season Finale of the Omega Tour back in November.

Turns out they had great advice and they all agreed and where laughing together:  Don't ever watch a match of the opponent who just beat you.  Why?  Because they in inevitably won't play as perfect as they did against us in their next match!

After they beat our ass, never miss a shot, and kick us to the curb, they go on to their next match and miss easy shot and are no longer running out.  Wth?  lol  It's like they aren't even the same player, lol.

The players were joking how these opponents never missed against them, yet they then go on to their next match and can't make a ball!

The solution to their sickening feeling was to just simply never watch their opponents' next match. Just don't torture yourself!  DON'T DO IT!

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