Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Online Magazine Column!

One of the things I was excited about for 2017 that I broadly eluded to late last year in my blog, has come to fruition.  And, this is kind of a dream for me: Interviewing players for a billiard magazine!

Sure, I have interviewed a few people for my blog, but not many people come here or even know about this blog.  Further, I really wanted to showcase the personal side of certain players and being printed in a magazine would give them more exposure.

I am so excited!

And after I read the answers from my first sacrifice, err, interviewee, I was even more excited! Tony Sulsar was funny at times, gave some great tips, and reminisced about his Dad.  Tony really sealed the whole vision of this dream I am working on for others.

I am so happy about this coming to fruition!

I am now a columnist for Billiard Buzz!  It's an online magazine from  Here is the January issue and a sneak peak of the interview with Tony:

Right now I have plans in place to interview players who have overcome odds, but of course I will also interview players/people in the pool industry in general (if they say yes, lol).  Let's face it, they are interesting also.  Well, most of the time :)

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Babylon Brother said...

A terrific interview article, well written and edited. So happy you chose to feature one of the true "good guys" in N. Texas billiards. I don't think Tony has a single enemy or naysayer. He's everybody's friend and greets everyone with a smile and a warm handshake. To watch him play is sheer joy. He is a champion through and through. I have enjoyed getting to know him and his top supporter, Ann.