Monday, January 9, 2017

Technical Explanation of Nervousness

Leave it to good ol'e Dr. Oz to help me out with a billiards blog post.  :)  I subscribe to his magazine, "The Good Life" and I always read great little tidbits.

Today I share about, "Nervous Flutters."

I have written a lot about having "test anxiety" and I freak out sometimes during interviews, tests, and also of course vying for that coveted state title.

What I read in Dr. Oz's magazine was WHY this happens.  And, of course it all makes sense now:
"It's your turn to make a speech at a wedding but a cloud of butterflies are dancing around your gut.  What you're really feeling is blood leaving your digestive system - it's part of that flight or fight response that occurs when adrenaline spikes, sending blood to your extremities in case you need to say outrun a bear or a mugger. Yes, it's a bit of an over reaction when when all you need to do is take the mic."
Now I understand what is going on with the blood in my body during my episodes of test anxiety.   My brain can't think clear - because all the blood is busy making me run from a bear!

No wonder I can't think clearly or get things accomplished well during those few (but crucial) anxiety moments that cross my path in life (and well, you, if you have them at times, too).

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