Wednesday, November 25, 2015

RIP Royce Bunnell

At a mere young age of 49, Royce Bunnell of OB Cues succumbed today to his injuries from a fatal heart attack that occurred on Monday.


I was honored to have Royce Bunnell as a scotch doubles partner in Vegas for BCAPL and we came in 5th and then 4th places out of over 400 teams those back-to-back years (2007 and 2008).  Royce always knew to make me laugh so that I would not be nervous - he was SO good at making me laugh and smile!  And he ALWAYS called me "Champ," even before I played good. 
We became great friends as I worked on his website for OB Cues over 8 years ago. 
Here he is in this pic from the the OB Cues Ladies Tour stop JUST back on Nov 8th.  I'm on the left, right next to him.  :(
You will forever be in my heart and soul and I will never forget you, Royce. 
May your family be surrounded by Peace, always.  You will be deeply missed.
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