Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Prepare to Compete - Routines

A lot of people ask my about my routine for tournament play.

SLEEP:  Well, honestly, THE most important thing for me to do to ensure I play my best is to get sleep.  SLEEP I say.  I don't really know what consistent sleep is in the last 5 years, but I can tell you the odds are more in my favor to play good when I get sleep, more than absolutely anything else I could do.

BREAKFAST: Honestly, whether I eat the morning of, doesn't matter.  If I do eat, I don't eat too much though - can't play pool on a full tummy.

THOUGHTS:  What am I thinking about?  What am I going to wear so that I feel COMFORTABLE.  Being in comfy clothes is key, too.

MUSIC:  I DO like to jam out to hip hop on the way to the tourney,  Jamming in my car and singing keeps me happy and joyful and not thinking, just enjoying the drive singing.

But again the most important thing for me to do to help me play my absolute best is to get sleep.  And not just the night before - a couple of nights before ensure you get good sleep.

Sleep can however sometimes be affected.  At my last tourney, I didn't get much sleep because one of my dogs passed away in my arms at home the morning of the tourney.   I was still on the winner's side on Sunday but obviously didn't get much sleep.  I won my first match.  Then I was playing for the hotseat match and in the middle of it it hit me like a tone of bricks, "Omg I'm exhausted."  I should have taken a break and gone and done some jumping jacks but it was a rough weekend and I admit I was content to be in a position to place 3rd (when I didn't really even want to play in the event in the first place).  My 3rd place is dedicated to lovely Izzy.  May she RIP.

But, get some sleep if you have the power to!  You'll thank me, I promise.

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