Thursday, November 5, 2015

Ethics Versus Right or Wrong

What are you suppose to do when someone you are playing is about to shoot the wrong ball in 8 ball?

Do you be nice and stop them?

Do you not say anything at all and let them shoot and then you get ball in hand?

What if it's a friend?

What if it's just league night?

What if it's in league PLAYOFFS?

Or a big National tournament?

What do you do??

What is right or wrong?  What is ethical or unethical?

There isn't a correct answer, is there?

During one of my league playoffs, we were on the hill and the other team was making a charge as they were now only slightly behind.  My teammate had just fouled and her opponent got ball-in-hand and proceeded to shoot the wrong ball.  My teammate stood steadfast and didn't say anything.  Her teammates were practically jumping up and down because they could see she was about to shoot the wrong ball.

She shot it.

My teammate said, "foul."

Her opponent stood there at first confused.  Then STUNNED.  Then cried.... ;(

They lost.

I had this happen to me hill-hill at ACS Nationals in 8-ball b/c I didn't put the cueball behind the line.   My opponent let me shoot and told me sweetly (lol) "foul" and ran out for the 7-6 win.  It's like a dagger to your heart.

That player from playoffs, a dear friend of mine, was able to overcome the embarrassment and the feelings of let down of her team and played good for her team the rest of the playoffs. 

And I commended my teammate afterwards:  "That was a super tough decision there, wow."  She shook her head feeling absolutely horrible, "but it's part of the game and we were in a team event" she explained sadly.

Not easy. 

What would YOU do?


Melinda said...

This is just a test

Anonymous said...

Pool is a game of focus, concentration. Sure, a lapse in concentration
happens to all of us. But champions HAVE to be better than just the
normal "ball-bangers." You absolutely have to be paying close enough
attention to know whether you're shooting stripes or solids. If you don't,
I certainly don't have any sympathy for you. If you're the opponent and
notice that someone is about to play the wrong ball, you keep quiet and
accept the foul. As you said, "It's part of the game." In league play, it's
different. You can tell your opponent they're about to shoot the wrong ball
-- and proceed to "play." Emphasis on the word "play." But in tournaments,
let's be serious.

Unknown said...

I think there is a time and a place for it. If it is a regular (insert night here)league night, and we're all having fun and learning, I would stop my opponent in a heartbeat, and recommend anyone on my team do the same. I think these are all learning opportunities for the bigger stage. With that in mind, I would not say it in a more important match/tournament like APA cities and especially a match in Vegas. It really is "the shooter's call".