Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Tourney Recaps Fall 2013

I realized the other day I haven't really posted about my recent finishes of the tourneys I've played in.

I am not sure if people like to read about my finishes or not, but since I use my blog as my personal pool diary, I need to post my recent finishes so have them written down.

As I am getting prepared to type my results here, I see I haven't posted about my finishes since July!!


I have still written many blog articles, but not much on my results.

Okay, here we go:

LoneStar event 
at Hawley's Billiards (July):  Out in 2.  Played in the amateur division.  Played good my first match but got too tired the second match 8 hours later.

BCAPL Nationals Scotch Doubles 
Vegas (July):  65th out of 106 teams.  We played good but ran into a the slowest team in the entire world and their slow-as-molasses-piece-of-shit-play got to us.  We admit it got to us, and I admit I put them on the clock.

BCAPL Nationals Women's Open Singles event 
Vegas (July):  33rd out of 1330 players.  I played real good til my last two matches.  I fell apart.  I was thinking too much and not comfy.

BCAPL Nationals Women's Team 
Vegas (July):  1st place.  Wrote about this finish.  We won!

OB Cues Ladies Tour 
in Austin at Fast Eddie's (August):  7th place.   Lost my first match hill-hill, came all the way back to play for 7th and lost that match hill-hill.

OB Cues Ladies Tour 
in Oklahoma City at Jamaica Joe's (September): 9th place.  Played up and down.  Glad I was able to go tho!  And I won the Second Chance tourney on Sunday :)

ACS State Women's Singles 
in Killeen, TX (October): 17th place out of 60-ish players:  I played REALLY strong but because I race to 6 and everyone else 4, it was tough.  But I played REALLY well and felt fantastic!

ACS State Women's Team Event 
in Killeen, TX (October):  3rd place baby!  I think we could have made it to the finals but I lost steam our last match.  Still proud of my team!

OB Cues Ladies Tour 
in Arlington at Rusty's Billiards (November 2nd weekend):  7th place!!   Played SO good!  I felt wonderful, played great!  I could have won the two matches I lost (lost each only 5-7) but missed a few crucial shots, otherwise I am playing really well!

Feels great to be playing so good again.  I'm loving it!

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