Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Race To One

Last night I went to my FAV Mexican restaurant (Pappasitos) for a nice dinner (and LOTS of lunch left overs):

Then we decided to visit my friend Laura who was having a bad week.  She runs a little tourney in a small bar on Tuesday that holds two bar tables.

I didn't intend to play AT ALL, but at the last minute decided to.

It was 8-ball, except no ball in hand and you cannot play safe.

Oh, and race to ONE (1)!


I said, "Oh heck, okay, I'll still play, I feel like playing."

So, race to ONE is part of the story.  One?  Really?

Someone said, "it's like playing hill-hill every match!"  lmao.  Wait, that's a sobering point, lol!

But the other part of the story is no safes allowed.

That sounds pretty simple, til you start to play your first 8ball game and need to play safe... BUT CAN'T!

I already know the best part of 8 ball is playing good safes, but until you CANNOT play safe, you realize just how valuable of an arsenal it really is!

But, I figured out right away to call certain shots that I would miss, which would then cleverly turn into a safe.

I thought I was being smart, til I saw toward the end of the tourney I wasn't the only one was doing this.  lmao.  All the top players had figured this out.

BTW, I won!!!

Wow - race to one, no safe, no ball in hand 8-ball.  Sweetness!  Glad I went to hang with my friend Laura.  :)  And it was SO good to see her!

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