Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Demeanor Take 3

A friend on my Monday night league told me he noticed that I don't show emotion when I lose a match, and that he respected that.

He asked me why.

Hmm, no one had ever asked me why.


I wrote in late October how I was a statue during a gambling match.  And earlier that month I wrote how people like my demeanor at the table.

But I never really said WHY.

No one ever asked; so I hadn't really thought about it, lol.

Why DO I do that? 

Well, I told him people look up to me and that's one reason.  Even though he laughed at that (gosh!), it was true (from what I've heard from others on the Ladies League I am on). 

Also, I am a representative of the Omega Billiards Tour, and before that the OB Cues Ladies Tour.  I think it's important to not be an ass if you run a business with sponsors for the players.  That's just me.

But honestly, the main reason is:  I see the way some people act when they lose, or miss a shot, or get a bad roll, and I just don't want to be that person or act that way:  childish or a sore loser.  I don't want to be that type of person at all when I play;  I want to show respect to my opponents.

Sure I show emotion at times, sure, but I wont throw tantrums or act disgusted or act childish.  It ain't me!

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