Saturday, November 2, 2013

Showing the Love

I mentioned the other day that a friend of mine had decorated chalk for her teammates to match their team shirts, on her ladies team.

Well, it's not just females that do thoughtful things like this!

One of my friends, Juan, is on a team, The Hitmen, from the Dallas Fort Worth area.  Before the team event though, Juan played in the singles event on Friday of the ACS Texas State tourney and got 2nd place!  

However, he drove all the way back to Dallas that night (about 2am I think I heard?) to get back into town so he could join his Mom's Team MVP at the 2013 Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure that started Saturday morning!

His Mom is a 43-year 2-time survivor!  And although his team event had started Saturday morning, also, the walk was obviously very important for him to be a part of again.

I call his Mom, "Mom."  Every time I see her I give her a huge hug!  She has always been extremely kind to me and always had thoughtful words of encouragement about my Mom, so she holds a very special place in my heart.  And Mom is the perfect word for her!

Here are some photos of the Race for the Cure and Mom:

Here is Mom

The Parra family showing support for Mom! (click photo to enlarge)

The story doesn't end there.

After the walkathon, Juan and his girlfriend, Veronica, drove BACK down to Killeen to join the team in the team event.  That's a 3-hour drive TWICE in about 12 hours.

And when he showed up, "the guys surprised me with the pink bandanas in support of my Mom. She was "with us" during each game of every match."

I saw the guys all weekend with the pink bandanas and I would smile each time as I knew they were for Mom.

We don't know who's idea this was, but it was awesome and an amazing gesture!

BTW, The Hitmen WON the tournament!  They went hill-hill in the finals against another great DFW team, but came out on top and are now ACS State Champs!!

 Scott, Ross, Scott Sr, Larry, Juan, and Coy Lee

Congrat's, Guys!  And Love ya Mom!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you melinda for posting this,we love mom alot to and will always surport the family; i play with sally on sunday she is a very special person to me and juan is great,it was me and marie who did the bandanas for the Hitmen i was very proud of them for wearing them.