Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Interesting Rule Change

While many people may be talking about the new rule in the BCAPL rule book that lifts the ban on phenolic tips on break cues (read that Press Release here), my thoughts are more so on this ruling change:

SubSection 2, From Section 1-16 of the 2012-2014 Official Rules of the BCA Pool League: (the change is in bold and italicized)

You may only call one ball on a shot. If you call more than one ball, or if you use any conditional phrase such as “just in case” concerning more than one ball, your inning ends after the shot regardless of whether you pocket any ball. Any ball pocketed on such a shot is an illegally pocketed ball. Your opponent accepts the table in position.

So I can no longer say, "just in case, I'm calling the 5 ball into the 6 ball" because I really am not sure if I can make it or not. 

Dang!  That's such a common thing for us unsure pool players to say, lol.

Also, how uncomfortable is it going to be if someone says that and I have to call them on it?  Eeeek.  They are going to look at me like I'm crazy.

Even now, still not every knows that even obvious combos are suppose to be called.  Even though it's in the rule book, it's a very tough rule to call someone on.

However, the new change above I think will be just as tough to call someone on; if I can do it at all.

I hope I remember this new rule!


Unknown said...

Unless I am mistaken, by rule (1-16-5, General Rules) combos so not have to be called, other than intended ball to be made and the pocket.

From the rule book you linked:
5. When calling shots defined as not obvious, you are only required to designate the
called ball and called pocket. If shooting a combination shot, you do not have to say the
word “combination”, or state which ball will be struck first or the sequence of balls.
When shooting a bank shot or kick shot you do not have to say the word “bank” or “kick”
nor specify which cushions will be involved in the shot.

Also, I was under the impression that the rules (BCA anyway) already stated that you could not call two balls on a shot. Why would you want to anyway? Just pick the one that is most likely to go in and if the other one drops, it's a bonus. :)

Then again, sometimes I think I know, but I know better.

Melinda said...

When I first read it, I thought it meant for ALL shots, then I saw it was meant for "more than one" which still kinda baffles me. I'm still confused, as you point out, why someone would say that if they have to be specific for combos. Maybe they are referring to other shots too - caroms, tough combos. Who knows. I just better be sure! lol

Thank you for the comment!