Friday, February 11, 2011

Why Do People Do This?

I ventured to a pool room on Tuesday night that I hadn't been to in a long time.  A friend of mine was in a gambling match and I went to sweat it.

The room was as small as I remembered but boy was it SUPER smokey.  Ugh.  I had NOT remembered that part.  It sucked for me, as a non smoker.  It didn't help that all of the tables were being used for a league.  ALL tables.  That's a lot of players.  And I swear they were all smoking!

After an hour, the gambling match finally starts because a table opens up.  I sit my butt down near the rail with an almost-midnight-for-my-Birthday-drink and low and behold I had to grab my camera and share with you a very unfortunate sight!

I blocked part of his face out so he's not recognizable (in case anyone from that league thinks I am picking on him) but how does anyone do this?  Smoking over a pool table?  Isn't that sacrilegious?  OMG! 


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Jeff said...

This is a HUGE pet peeve with me, as well as other forms of equipment abuse like putting drinks of any kind on the table surface, sitting on the rails, slamming cues (personal or house) on the cloth.
And in answer to your question 'why do they do it', IMHO the answer is very simple -- they don't care!
The equipment doesn't belong to them, and in this day and age, people barely have any respect for their own belongings, much less other people's property. Mind you, these are the same people who are the loudest complainers when the cloth gets ripped, the table rolls weird, and the rails are dead.
One of my favorite places to play is a local Fox and Hound. (I don't mind using the name because I have tried to get the management to address table issues a number of times, to no avail.) I go there during the lunch hours with my dad. We are both terribly allergic to smoke, so we really like this particular location, as it is in a non-smoking area. They have Diamond tables, which IMO are the best you can play on. But they are in such bad shape, it's hard to find one among the dozen or so they have that is worth playing on. And it is ALL avoidable, with a little maintenance and a little education for their staff. I suppose they don't want to tick off the recreational players who go there by telling them to keep their butts and their butts off the freakin tables!
Sorry for the rant, but your post just struck a nerve with me. Keep up the good work.

PS - Hope your mom is doing better.