Thursday, February 17, 2011

That Cost Him $4,000!!

I have talked before about the HUGE break contest at Rusty's Billiards.  Well, last night (Feb 15th) each ball was worth $1,000! 

I tried my luck and bought a few raffle tickets on some of the guys, with fingers and toes crossed that their names would be called.  lol.

My friend Chase is called, and we bought him some raffle tickets!  Woo-Hoo!  But.... the ticket drawn was not ours. Still, very exciting for Chase!

He breaks.

(Remember, a $1,000 a ball!) 

He makes two balls on the break which means he gets to keep shooting for the cash!

He can make the 1ball, but he will run into the 8ball and might miss shape for the 2ball.  He studies it; makes it; and bumps perfectly into the 8ball for the 2ball down table.

He makes the 2ball; then the 3ball.
$3,000 already!

He studies the table some more and has 4 balls left.  He gets down on the 4 ball, and MISCUES!


He is sick!

Everyone is sick!

He leans over the table in disbelief.

He had a good layout and that miscue cost him $4,000 because he had four balls left.  OMG!

He stayed leaned over the table for what seemed like forever.  Shaking his head and simply disgusted.  :(

I have this all on video, but he asked me not to show it, so I have to abide by his request.  You should see his face, though - he was in shock!

As we all stood there in silence, Rustys' Owners all of a sudden announced they would draw another name!  Everyone cheered and clapped (well, except Chase).  The balls would be worth $500 each instead of $1,000 but we were all still excited.

Then something amazing happened.

Chase's name was called again!

It wasn't our raffle ticket (again, ugh, lol), but we were happy he got called again so he had a chance to redeem that brutal miscue and possibly win some more money that he was due in the previous rack.

And guess what?

Chase broke and ran 8 balls and ironically won $4,000 that rack!!

I love me some what an awesome Pool God intervention.  :)

Total:  Chase is now $7,000 richer.  Congrat's on the runs, Chase!  (and next time pull our tickets!)

Here's a quick recap of how the break contest works:

Raffle Tickets:
  • Every entrant into the Tuesday night tournament gets one raffle ticket into the break contest.

  • But entrants can also buy raffle tickets for $1 per ticket for more chances to get drawn.  Players in the tournament can buy as many raffle tickets as they want to.  And friends can support the players by buying them raffle tickets, also.
The Break:
  • Usually only one name is picked per Tuesday.
  • If your name happens to be picked, you break a rack of nine on the 8foot table.
  • If you make any ball on the break and don't scratch, you get to try and run out.
  • For every ball made AFTER the break, you get the amount of money per ball that was advertised for that night.
  • If you make the nineball on the break, you get paid for that ball automatically, but any other ball on the break, you don't get paid for, BUT, you get to continue shooting and have a chance to run out!
  • So, to be clear, to get paid for all nine balls, you'd have to make the nine on the break and then run out the rest of the rack.
  • If you make two balls on the break and run out the other 7 on the table, you get paid for those 7 balls made.

The Carry Over:
  • Rusty's does not take any money out of the nineball break pots or from the tournament entry fees.
  • Whatever is left in the break contest pot, is carried over to the next Tuesday.
  • The tickets raffled off that night are not carried over to next Tuesday, only the money.


R Riley said...

I will pay to see the video.. lol sorry Chase..

Unknown said...

It was pretty insane to watch!!!
Chase was literally in disbelief... as was the entire pool room. It was pretty cool how it all worked out, though.

Amanda Lampert said...

I agree with Tracie....VERY VERY cool how it all worked out in the end... I would say Melinda is right...the pool Gods intervened on this one! :):) AMEN!