Friday, February 4, 2011

Billiard Magazines

I checked the mail today... in the snow.  Yes, I risked my life.  You may think that's funny but in north Texas, we don't know how to handle snow!   lol

Here is my path to the mailbox: 

In the mail I received my Billiards Digest of the month, one bill, and some ads.

I put the mail on the counter, walked upstairs to my puter, and then it dawned on me.... since I retired from being a Board Member of the OB Cues Tour, I haven't really even opened up any of the billiard magazines.  I used to check all of the magazines every month religiously to make sure the tour was covered (I was the media person and sent in the articles, calendar, and press releases). 

I fully admit I would rush to check the magazines for coverage if I won an event, lol, but I haven't won any recently. 

I am fully surprised I haven't even cracked open the plastic wrappers of the billiard magazines in over a year.  I don't even know if I get Pool and Billiard magazine anymore. 

Wow.  And I liked reading some of the instructional articles and coverage of big tourneys.... 

In the meantime of me contemplating this, here is a cool snowman on a car we saw while driving to the store:

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