Saturday, August 30, 2008

Texas Open, Middle of Day One

We made it safely. 35th Annual Texas Open. Whew! History is being made! Got checked in and then headed to the pool hall. I called in all 128 players of the Open event to my partner, Mike Howeton, on Friday night. Check them out! OMG that's a lot of names to spell!

Paul Blank and Lewis Jones are running a good tournament for the owner's of G Cue Billiards, Gary and Kevin Welling. Of course, I'm also trying to give them all a hard time and make their jobs tougher! :)

There's a thread going on the forums of by Ray Hanson - kind of like a blog of his trip to and during the event. Check it out here.

The Player's Meeting ended about midnight or so and then I played two races, one to 7 and the other to 3, to get used to the fast 9foot tables. I lost 5-7 and then won 3-1. I feel good about the tables, but I still need to SHOW UP to my matches and maybe even have a little lady luck on my side for the draw. Can someone pull BYE for me?! LOL

The Player's Meeting for the Ladies will be within an hour. Eek, scared! I get a little nervous in tournaments with "titles" attached to them. lol!

Here are some photos to enjoy:

Amanda ("the Natural") and Tara ("Fire Cracker")

Viet My and Chen!

Me ("akatrigger"), taken by Amanda

Players at the tournament chart.

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