Friday, August 15, 2008

Played Rusty's Better

I played in two more Rusty's Billiards weekly tournaments. The matches and nights are starting to blur into each other because I played so many matches, but the second tourney I describe below has more details (of course, that makes for a longer read, which you may want to simply move on to something else right now. LOL).

Chicks still play free all day and night on Mondays(!), so I practiced on the 9 foot table and was playing badly, still reeling from my bad performance from the previous day and last Tuesday, but with a big women's tournament coming up this weekend, there was no time for breaks - only work! I wasn't going to play in the Monday night tourney but as I talked to Curt (who helps me with my game) about my disappointment and frustration in recent play, I for some reason say "yes" when Joey asks me if I want to sign up to play that night in the tourney. He almost fell down because it's the first time in 5 or 6 years I have played in the Monday night tourney!

I play a new guy first who bitches the whole time about being tired. I beat him 4-0. It's a race to 4, non-handicapped 9ball on 8foots. My next match is against Curt and I lose 0-4. I think I had two whole chances that match - that I promptly dogged. I win another match or two (can't remember the details or who I played for some reason) but I played good but then I lose to Tony Ewart who also walks all over me, running out like he is suppose to. I did play much better than the previous two tournaments though and felt pretty good about my performance. I was even there until midnight and was able to sign up for Tuesday's big tournament. :) In between my matches, I played on the 9foot table with MC and Curt and then some onepocket with Curt and Steve. It was fun to let loose a little and take off my serious practice face.

On Tuesday, the place is packed as I fly through the doors at 7:58pm - cutting it way too close! I play right away and win 4-0 against Richard. This is a handicap tournament and I go to 4. I then play Curt again and I am realizing our discussion from Monday has put me in a good frame of mind. I win the first two games by playing well and capitalizing on his mistakes. He has to reach 7 games to claim victory. I try a carom on the 9 and miss and he gets to 3 games from that mistake (eek!). 2-3 (ugh). He misses early a game later and I run out nicely. When I make my mistakes or miss my safes, I explain my reasoning's to him (like he cares in the middle of a match that I am leading in, LOL). He starts playing really well and has some nice runs and safes and gets on the hill with me 3-6. He is running out a beautiful rack hill-hill and a fluke scratch in the side pocket on the 8 leaves me stunned with the win.

I then play Tony Ewart next - another good player - who I told earlier in the night, "at some point I will beat you in my life." We are on the front table and he makes too many mistakes and I win 4-0. I did play good and had some really nice runs though that match. Wow! I bared down and focused on making the ball, seeing the runs, not taking things for granted. As my friend Heather Lloyd would say, "getting out like I'm suppose to."

Then the break contest happened - I wasn't called *frown*- but TJ Davis was called but scratched in the corner on the break! Ugh! I taped it with my phone, but there's nothing to show now. :(

I then played Chen - one of the top players in North Texas. I had three chances and dogged them all! I lost 7-0. He runs the table with ease and if you've ever heard of the phrase that the table is a pool players canvas, well, he plays the table like he is a painter and the felt is his canvas of beautiful brush strokes. It was awesome to watch, really.

Then I played my other helper next, Steve Game. He has helped me a lot with my game, though we haven't practiced lately because he has been in action a lot. He told me early in the night he read my blog that day (hi Steve!) and I didn't know he even knew I had one. Anyhow, we play and I have to go to 4 and he has to go to 7. I make some mistakes the first two games and he wins those but after that, he simply ran out from everywhere the next 5 games! It was amazing. Running racks that seemed tough, he would make with ease. He was free stroking and making everything. I made a 9 on the break though and got out two more times nicely to join him on the hill 3-6. I was running out the last rack and didn't get back up table far enough for the 6. I banked it nicely but missed it just by a hair trying to hold the cueball for shape and he got out easily. But, I felt good I didn't get down when I was down and I started to make my move when I had chances toward the end of the match.

I placed 5th out of 32! Not "in the money," but last lady again like last night and so I got my entry fee back ($10).

It felt good to play well and run some racks that I was suppose to get out. I don't want to be overly cocky going into the weekend, though, just because I played well in two weekly, mostly-men tournaments. I do truly hope I play well, though. Having fun is key, staying down, also, but I would like to focus on three ball shape this weekend. Wish me luck!

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