Friday, August 22, 2008

OB Stop in College Station

Going with my unorthodox idea of using one word to begin my blog entry about my regional tournaments (which is getting tougher each time, I would like to use two word descriptions starting next year *smile*), here is how I feel about this most recent ladies tourney: finicky

I started off playing a good friend (Manager of Rusty's Billiards, Tracie Voelkering) of mine who ran the entire rack after my dry break. "Eeek," I thought to myself as I watched her run the second rack... but she didn't get out that time and I luckily was playing okay enough to win that game and several others to win the match 7-4. At 4-1 me, time seemed to stand completely still and boy did it take a while to get over the hump and win my fifth game. But, eventually, I recognized I wasn't bearing down and finally put my mental toughness hat back on and played well to win.

I then played fellow board member Julie Stephenson who stung me bad the last time we played and so I was on edge wanting to play well this match with her. I also wanted to make it to the next round (badly!) and that didn't help matters. I got some disturbing news right before I played and tried with all my might to not let it affect my game, but I also knew from past experience that the extra adrenaline racing through my veins wasn't necessarily a bad thing (as long as I kept it tempered). I capitalized on her mistakes (she normally doesn't make them) and I won 7-3. Whew!

I then played Belinda Lee and we both struggled so much it was down right embarrassing at times (hope no one videotaped us secretly, LOL!). What should have been a hill-hill match was instead me winning 7-5. I was pretty displeased with this match and the one before because I wasn't playing well and wasn't getting out "when I am suppose to." It was disheartening after all the practice time and weekly tournaments, but it just makes me more determined.

However, this meant I was still on the "winner's side" until Sunday. I wanted to do well in this event to help me in the points race, so this was great news.

I ate Chilli's for dinner but didn't sleep well at all, but knew I would still be okay the next day b/c lack of sleep doesn't affect me until the following next day. I ate my two strawberry yogurts again for breakfast and helped set up the tournament table and at 10am I proceeded to have a chance every game and yet fell on my little face and lost 0-7! WOW. I played bad, bad, bad. But, Lisa Marr played really good and she even ended up winning the tournament!

I then watch my friend Amanda lose a tricky match to Ricki Lee Casper, whom I get to play next. I was pretty numb going into the match (which is a good thing for me), remembering also that Amanda told me to get out of my head that I was playing bad and to my surprise, I played very well. :) I missed one key easy 8ball (and will work on that shot later) but other than that, I played pretty sporty. I lost hill-hill... she ran out the last game, but I also had a break and run in that match and that felt great. It felt really good to rebound from that previous skunking to play well in this match. :)

So, I placed 5th.

I moved up in the points from 7th to 6th. Doesn't sound like much, I know, but it means a lot to little 'ole me.

Amanda and I took photos at the tournament and they are here. Here is one of me, right before I broke, my chalk fell on the floor:

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