Sunday, August 10, 2008

Just More Losses and a Cool Dog

Weekly Tourney:

I played at the Tuesday weekly tournament at Rusty's in Fort Worth on August 5th. The one that has that HUGE break contest (that STILL wasn't busted that night!).

I hit balls by myself on the 9 foot table - something I so enjoy doing - for only about an hour. I was lucky one of the 9foots was open for me to be able to do this. On the other 9foots, Dave Faver is playing Mike Hoang of Omega Billiards some one pocket, Daniel is playing Damian the same game (but a different spot, obviously) and the other 9foot had some bangers on it. The place is packed with players reeling at the idea that their name may be called in a few hours to break for that big ole pot of hot cash for the break contest.

My first match is called on the second 8 foot table. I can't say I feel as comfortable playing nineball against guys as I do playing eightball, but there I was, and, well, it showed. I missed an 8 and a 7 and with the two combo's made by my opponent (who I think I'm suppose to beat) I lose. I played bad; I jumped up; blah blah blah. I felt like the whole world was watching, and a few people mentioned to me they noticed I was breaking a lot (which meant I was losing, because it was loser breaks, LOL). There are people sitting everywhere and people milling around watching match ups or matches.

I then play my friend Norm, whom is a really nice guy, and he made mistakes and I capitalized on them. He was on the unfortunate end of a dog bite to his bridge thumb and so he doesn't play as well as he used to. :( I then played Maria, one of the women's tour regulars and friend, and because we are both rated a 4, we raced to 3. I think I won 3-0, but maybe 3-1.

I then play one of the best players there, Corey Anderson, who I have been talking to about how well he stays down on his shots. He has to go to 7, I still have to go to 4. Well, let's just say I was proud of my two whole games. Know how I made them? Luckily, I break well and made the nineball twice on the break. Yes my friends, that was how I won those two little, itty, bitty, games. All I needed was two more games, but my opponent is too good and when you miss one shot, that's what happens. Yes - I missed one shot. Count 'em, uno. He breaks the second game, I roll out, he runs out. 1-1. I break dry the next game, he runs out. 1-2. I make the 9 ball, so he gets to break again and runs out. 2-3. I finally try and run out the next game, but miss my safe and he gets out. 2-4. One more roll out and two more dry breaks and he runs each of those tables. 2-7. It really was a joy to witness the runs, but still tough sitting on the bench the whole time. It just proves to me I need to work more. LOL.

Next Tournament:

Rusty's in Arlington has their anniversary party and an 8ball tournament on 8foots the very next Sunday (August 10th) and I wake up early enough to decide to play in it. 34 players or so and I draw a guy who I hadn't seen in probably 6 years. I missed two shots - one in each of the first two games. Missed opportunities! Ugh!! I don't let it affect my game, but I am very disappointed in myself. I then bare down and broke and ran! He breaks dry the next game, and I run again! Ah ha! Tied 2-2. Race to 3. This break, however, he makes a ball on his break and runs out to the 8 ball. He gets jacked up over a ball, I think to myself, "he could miss this," and he rattles it. I see all my balls on the table, staring back at me. I see a tough cut on one of the stripes or a long straight shot on a different stripe down the table. My instinct tells me to cut the stripe, but I get down on the straight in shot - knowing full well that's not my best shot in the world, and I yes....miss it. ;) He makes that stupid black solid sitting in the hole and then explains to me, "I told myself if you cut that ball in, you'd win." I guess he felt my instinct, too. lol.

I then play a new girl next and win 2-0, but she is really gonna be something one day if she sticks with it. I then play Jason (nicknamed "Juice" for some reason); he had just run the players auction very impressively and so I gave him kudos about it while someone says to him in passing, "how'd you get on the loser's side?" Which makes me realize, 'oh, he can play, too.' I really screwed up my pattern to get out the first game and he runs out after my miss. Ugh! The next game was embarrassing for both of us as we both missed a lot but I eventually ran out after a miscue and foul by him (whew). 1-1, one game left in the race to 2 of this one-loss side bracket. The next game he breaks and runs a really tough out. There I was, there I went.

So, the loses were pretty tough. Miss opportunities. Missed shots. Missed outs. Disappointing and frustrating. I can't WAIT to get to the practice table!!

Another Meaning for Ice Bucket:

It's Texas, it's the Summer. It's down right f'ing hot! But, because it was hot, I saw the coolest thing at this tournament! As I mentioned, this was the Anniversary Party for Rusty's Billiards. One of the owners, Jeff, has this really cool and VERY smart dog. Jeff was cooking outside all the free food (hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken I think, chili, etc.) and his awesome dog was outside with him. Jeff put out a small kiddy pool and put a fan in front of it. Cleverly, Jeff puts ice in the kiddy pool. This smart dog, gets into the kiddy pool when Jeff refills it with the ice! He doesn't even need to coerce the dog into the plastic blue tub, the dog is smart enough to know when the ice gets poured into the pool, he steps right in, and lays down. It was the coolest thing! And, here's the proof:

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