Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Support as We Improve

I think one of the coolest things I've witnessed in my 20-plus years of playing pool is when a league captain or league teammates understand that at times their high caliber player(s) may be picked up to play in state or national tournaments.

Obviously I'm not talking about stealing you away, lol, but if your current league team isn't going to state or nationals, and you get picked up by a strong team, that's a pretty cool honor! And when captains and teammates see this as an amazing opportunity for their top shooter, it means the world to that player to have their support! And when I see this type of support, it warms my heart full.

Let me be more specific.

This means their teammates not only understand, but are genuinely happy they were picked for a high-caliber team, because it means they either play that good or have improved so much they are now sought-after for big events.

What am I trying to say?

I am trying to say that yes it's normal to be jealous of a teammate who excels, and obviously this wouldn't happen if your a team was already going to state or nationals, but when captains or teammates are unhappy, jealous, and/or vocal to a teammate who gets picked up for a national or state team, it's actually not very fun for that player. They get hurt, upset, and the words can increase their anxiety when "friends" make crappy comments (instead of being understanding and supporting).

It's so cool when our game has improved so much that other teams are seeking us out to join them for state and national tournaments!  We go to sleep with a smile on our face because we are so elated people have noticed our game has improved, and we get to play with that team who's teammates we always looked up to. We share with our loved ones and closest friends how excited we are about the new opportunities and we can't believe it!

But then our happiness is squashed like a bug when our captain or teammates make rude comments about us "leaving them" or "we didn't get asked to go" or "why did they ask you?"  They make us feel bad; they really don't understand. And instead of seeing this as a great reward for us improving, they only rain on our parade!

It kind of reminds me how a great leader would never stop their employees from getting promotions. They might have been the perfect fit for your group at work, but a good leader will let them go, will let them succeed, will let them prosper, and happy for them to be moving up.

So, when I hear that captains and teammates aren't supportive, it makes me feel bad for that player.

I went through it; most players who have improved have experienced this lack of support and jealousy. And that's what's kind of crazy, right?  We work on our game to improve, people notice, and then our own teammates get upset at us.   

wth?!  lol.

Here's a little secret - it's actually not an easy decision to step away from our current league team to play in a state or national tournament with others. Sure, it's a natural progression to our game, but the first few times we do this, it's actually a little uncomfy. So, it would be helpful if we had people that supported us, instead of getting upset with us. 

That's why I think it's so wonderful when a captain or teammates are supportive! I'm proud and happy for those who have worked on their game and improved. Aren't you? 

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