Wednesday, February 27, 2019

A Coaching Team Name

Oh my goodness! I'm a little perturbed at myself at the moment.

All these years trying to come up with the perfect team name for the many women's teams I was on, and not ONE time did I think to come up with a team name that might be helpful to myself and my teammates for when we played! ugh.

I know, I know you are thinking, "What the heck are you talking about now, Melinda??"

I'm talking about this:

The other day a friend of mine from Canada posted a shout out about her team.  "Won our first team match, next one at 8pm. STAY DOWN let's do this!"

I asked her, "uh, is Stay Down your team name or are you coaching from Facebook, lol?"

She said it was her team name and I immediately shook my head with disgust realizing all these years I could have had clever names that could HELP me when I played in team events!  But oh no!  I wanted team names that were funny or innuendoes, instead. Like, 'Nice Rack' or 'Just the Tip' or 'No Balls', etc.

This whole time, instead, I should have had a team name like Stay Down.  That's what I needed to remember in all those pressure team matches! I can hear my teammates now, "Come on, Stay Down!"  See?  Wouldn't even seem like we were being coached because it's our team name!

Opportunity missed, dang it!