Friday, February 22, 2019

Billiard Buzz Feb Issue - Me?

Mike Howerton turned the tables and interviewed me for Billiard Buzz.

The issue is out and if you have some time set aside, here is the link to it. I say that because it is kinda long. Sorry - I had a lot to say, lol!

It's actually been out for a week or so and I have been a tad confused by the lack of responses. I kinda opened my heart about some things from my childhood - I feel extremely vulnerable and raw about it. Been nervous when the issue would come out because of what I shared, but the response has not been what I expected, so guess I didn't need to worry at all, hahah!

I have asked a few friends about it and they said maybe people aren't mentioning the childhood thing because (1) I overcame it and (2) maybe people are too trepid to bring it up. I think also the interview is just simply too long... and the childhood part is at the end, lol.

Either way, my goal of every interview I conduct is so others can learn from them, so I hope to help at least one person sharing all I went through. Many people were surprised to read how I "used to be," because I'm so opposite of how I grew up. Boy, I am thankful for that!

One of the cool surprises is a few people I work with have read it and they are stunned all that I did with pool. And now they feel like they know a super star or something. pfft. Sheesh, stop with the hounding for autographs!  ;)

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