Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Fun With Team Names

I mentioned before when I helped out at ACS Nationals in Vegas in May that I was more talkative and more friendly than usual.  I really turned "up" my personality and smiled more than normal.  I explained that the reason was because I wasn't dealing with stressful issues so in return, I was able to focus on being bubbly for the players.

Sounds silly, right - I should have been bubbly at all times running the Omega Tour, but I cannot handle well some issues with a smile on my face, lol.  I'm not that good at acting.

Anyway, one of the main things I did to help run the Admin desk at ACS Nationals was I would create checks for the players who placed in the money.  So, with about 20 different divisions, it was chaotic at times lol.  Eventually we transitioned from individual to teams and then I had fun with the team names!

Here are a few examples:

One team came up and said, "We need our check."

I needed their team name so I could find their voucher.  I would ask, "What is your team name?"

They replied, "Don't Hold it Against Us."

I replied, "Okay I wont."

hahah - get it?  Their team name was Don't Hold it Against Us.

Another team, this one in the men's 8-ball team division needed their payout check as well.  "What is your team name?" I asked.  "8 Balls a Fire," they responded.

I asked them if they wanted to split the check or want one single check?  They said split the check.  So, I got all their names and realized they had 5 players.  I kindly informed them their team name should instead be, 10 Balls A Fire.

get it?  lol

At one point Tournament Director John Lewis asked me, "Can you make a check out for These Fine Ladies, please?"

I tried to find their voucher and couldn't find it.  Turns out they were fine ladies, but that wasn't their team name lol.

Towards the end of the tournament, the players are exhausted and as soon as they lose, they come right away to the Admin desk to get their checks.  On the final day, a female teammate came to claim their check.  I asked her the team name and she said, I Forgot.  I start looking for their voucher and again... lol.... it was a comment, not her real team name lol.  She was so tired, she did forget what their team name was, haha.

It was a lot of fun reading all the clever teams names.  I just love play on words and the cleverness of it all.  Makes me laugh and smile!

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