Friday, November 2, 2018

Increase Your Confidence During Adversity


Isn't this true?

I really like this cartoon.  Proves what we all already know - we are our own worst enemy at times, right?  lol

So, when people try to bring us down or say negative things about us or our game, man go away!  We have enough going on in our own minds!

But it's a great opportunity to remind you of a post I wrote about back in 2014 about Facing Fear.  Well, should have worded it more positive, now that I just linked it to those two words haha.

But, the blog post is about how to overcome negative thoughts while we are competing and also how to increase our confidence during matches.  hmm, I see now that would have been too long of a title.  ;)  Oh, and that blog post has several links in it to other pieces I wrote about increasing our confidence and overcoming negative emotions.  I highly recommend the light reading if you have some time.


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