Saturday, July 21, 2018

Interviews Overlapping

The July interview in Billiard Buzz is out.  Andrew Cleary was my fun and clever interviewee!  It is a great interview and I highly recommend it.

In order to prepare for future editions, I'm usually working on the next interview in time for it to be ready for the next month.  Case in point is the interview for August.  I'm working on that month now and I get so excited about the interviews!  It's actually tough for me to keep a secret who I am interviewing!  And August is no exception - I can't wait for you all to get to know this player better.

If you happen to actually read my interviews (which I hope you do as it's one of my greatest joys in life), then you know I ask some of the same questions to each person:  Who helped your game, what is your favorite tournament, what was your favorite match, etc.

As you may recall back in June I published the interview about one of my best friends who passed away in early May (Dave Faver).  What is SUPER cool about the August interview is when I asked the player, "What is your most memorable match?" he shared a story and it was about Dave Faver!  I just smiled and smiled and was so happy to read that.  :)

Sorry.... you all will have to wait until mid August to read it.

I know, Imma tease!  But, had to share this really happy moment with you all.  :)

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