Billiard Buzz Columns

As I mentioned in late January, I will be a regular contributor to the online magazine, Billiard Buzz!

The goal is to interview people who have overcome odds, and/or are in the billiard industry.  I'm SO enjoying this!

So, wanted to capture all the interviews and links in one place:


August Issue:  My friend and fellow player Aimee Peterson has an amazing story of determination to share, so I was very happy she accept my invite to interview her.

July issue:  Interview my first industry person.  Mike Panozzo!   I've always enjoyed his outlook on life and his mentor-ship.  So glad he said yes!


June issue:  Interviewed Jake Hulsey! Cuemaker from Texas, with an amazing story and helpful advice for all... in many aspects of life.

May issue:  Interviewed Fred Pankey!  Oldest pool player I know!  Lived during the Depression and still goes to the pool room weekly to hang out with his friends.


April Issue:  Interviewed Rachel Hurst!  Survivalist and amazing woman who provides valuable advice in life.

Feb/March issue:  Interviewed Robley Fontenot.  Awesome spirit and great competitor who loves the game.

Jan issue:   Interviewed Tony Sulsar.  Favorite player by many, but tough and talented on the table.

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