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As I mentioned in early 2017, I will be a regular contributor to the online magazine, Billiard Buzz!

The goal is to interview people who have overcome odds, and/or are in the billiard industry.  I'm SO enjoying this!

So, wanted to capture all the interviews and links in one place:

January Issue:  Janet Ybarra is a friend and teammate for years, but she's also an ambassador of pool that not many people realize how much she does for the pool community.   Find out how busy this woman is in the pool-arena and how effective her perspective is to be able to be involved in so many different aspects of the pool community effectively!


December Issue:  Don Akerlow
graciously let me interview him (and his wife Mary) for the December issue of the online magazine, Billiard Buzz. Find out about their integral and important paths throughout the billiard scene across the USA all of these years and also what is going on with them lately. Thank you, Don!

November Issue:  Melanie Archer!!  Another exciting moment for me when Melanie Archer (Johhny Archer's wife) agreed to being interviewed.  I was even MORE excited when I read her responses.  OMGosh we can learn so much from this busy woman!  Check out the article HERE.

October Issue:  Mike Page of Fargo Rate said YES to letting me pick his brain about himself and FargoRate.  This is has been the MOST shared interview yet!  Find out for yourself why everyone was interested in the article.

September Issue:  I was SO excited to get to interview the awesome professional player Dennis Hatch!  He's not only one of the best players around, he's also one of the nicest gentleman around, too.  Read all about how he became into the man he is today.

August Issue:  My friend and fellow player Aimee Peterson has an amazing story of determination to share, so I was very happy she accept my invite to interview her.

July issue:  Interview my first industry person.  Mike Panozzo!   I've always enjoyed his outlook on life and his mentor-ship.  So glad he said yes!


June issue:  Interviewed Jake Hulsey! Cuemaker from Texas, with an amazing story and helpful advice for all... in many aspects of life.

May issue:  Interviewed Fred Pankey!  Oldest pool player I know!  Lived during the Depression and still goes to the pool room weekly to hang out with his friends.



April Issue:  Interviewed Rachel Hurst!  Survivalist and amazing woman who provides valuable advice in life.

Feb/March issue:  Interviewed Robley Fontenot.  Awesome spirit and great competitor who loves the game.

Jan issue:   Interviewed Tony Sulsar.  Favorite player by many, but tough and talented on the table.

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