Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Effective Teams are the New Successful Business Model

Another leadership post!  Stop reading now if you hate to read about leadership in my blog, and save yourself some time.  Or, if you are like most motivated peeps, read on :)

I have learned the most about leadership through my job - through classes, required reading and on-the-job training that has led to leading and running well the Omega Billiards Tour. 

But, the overall success of running the Omega Billiards Tour was several key things that helped:
  • I multi-task very well
  • Those leadership classes at work
  • Am extremely consciousness about duties (e.g. writing articles timely, updating standings right away, posting photos right after event, etc all on website and Facebook)
  • Had 9 years of experience running the OB Cues Ladies (/Hunter Classics) Tour 
All 4 of those things combined created the person in me to be able to run the Omega Tour well.  I have heard I have created a great foundation for the new Tour.  Which leads me to my topic today.

I just read this article passed on to us from one my boss's at work.  Long story short it discusses how an effective and trained teamwork of teams is the new leadership model, in lieu of the single leader running a business.  Success has transitioned to effective and powerful teams.

And the new tour in Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) will be run by a team of individual experts all working together to run the new tour:  the DFW 9 Ball Tour.  

I had several people help me AT the tournament stops (run the brackets, photographer, stream, etc), but all the behind the scenes work was a solo act.  Looking back, it probably wasn't the best idea to do all that myself.  But in the end, it really was ideal as it allowed me to step away completely and transition the Tour to someone else.

I am very excited that a group of players will be running the new Tour.  That will help any overwhelm-ness, fatigue, and the load will be shared by all.  I LOVE this idea and am very excited for the players in DFW to have this new tour to play in!

Teamwork, Baby!

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