Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Talking After You Miss

I find it amusing and yet frustrating at the same time how different players react after they miss a shot.

I'm referring to during tournament play.

I am a tad bit of an introvert and so when I miss a shot, I sit down and reflect about it internally.

For those that are a tad extrovert (or more), after they miss, they tend to want to talk to anyone within earshot about why they missed.

What players who do this don't realize is, it's really unfair to their opponent.

It's kinda of like having their own personal coach in their corner.  Let's face it, if I'm playing an extrovert named Mike, and he misses a shot and then starts to talk to someone about it, he feels better after explaining himself.  This isn't really fair to me - I am going through these same emotions and trying to get through them on his own, yet he gets to talk to someone about his.

Further, after Mike misses, it's now my turn at the table.  Yet, Mike is talking to his friend while I'm at the table trying to shoot!  How rude is it that?  After I missed, I sat down and was quiet.  Instead after he misses, I am distracted by him talking.

I realize it's habit to talk to someone nearby or especially if someone is an extrovert, but it truly isn't proper to do and isn't really fair.  It can also be considered sharking, which many people do think it is.

In reality, they are just miffed they missed and they want to vent to a friend.  But it's a distraction to your opponent.  Be kind, peeps!

The OB Cues Ladies Tour has a pretty strict rule that we can't talk to the audience, so for those of us who play on that tour, we are already "trained" to not talk to the audience or our friends.  For others, this is something not ingrained yet.

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