Thursday, February 16, 2017

American Billiard Radio Debut

Well, I shouldn't really call this a "debut" as I was interviewed by American Billiard Radio (ABR) last year.

But the "debut" is:  I will now be a regular contributor!

David Bond (creator and main host dude) asked me about joining the team late last year and I told him I would have to think about because my plate is run-ith-over.  But I did give it some thought over the holidays and decided I would be honored to contribute and help out!

So, you get to hear my non-sexy voice prolly 1-2 times a month if you listen in already regularly.

New episodes/broadcasts are posted 9pm central time just about every single Thursday.  

I will mostly be talking about blog topics with David.  Going in depth a little more on what I write about.  I will cover only one topic each time, and I will try and correlate the topic to a recent blog post, although I LOVE some oldies, but goodies, that I might locate in the deep archives that I may wish to talk about.

The goal is not to talk simply about pool per se.  The goal is to provide tips and advice and learning experiences that have helped propel my game, which I hope will help others.

If even one person learns something new to help their game, I will be pleased. :)

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