Wednesday, February 8, 2017

High Five Timing

While I didn't play in the OB Cues Ladies Tour this past weekend, I did drop by Saturday evening and Sunday to say my helloooo's, see some friends, and watch some of my friends play the game we all love.

One of my friends from Oklahoma was in a tight match Saturday night.  She pulled out the win, but it wasn't easy.

I saw her walk outside after the match and I decided to go see how she felt about it.  She was leaning against the wall, and I could tell she was exhausted, trying to cool off, and also trying to get away from the smoke.

As I walked up to her, I held up my palm for the cordial high five congrats hand slap, and JUST as our hands met, her opponent comes walking out the door!!  Of all the times for someone to walk out, it would be her opponent the moment I'm saying with our hands, "great job kicking her butt!"

While that's not what I was SAYING, the timing was horrible.  I felt pretty bad (and so did my friend, as we talked about it).

I was more so showing my support, but to her opponent (who was unfortunately a new player to boot), it looked like I was rubbing in her face she lost.  I know that seeing that sort of thing can sting right straight in the heart.

I talked to her later and expressed how well she played, to try and ease any uncomfy feelings she might have had (plus, she really does play well for a newbie to the game - has a very natural, beautiful stroke).  It takes guts to conquer fear and anxiety to play in a new event with new people, and so I wanted her to feel comfy, not upset she lost (or that it seemed like I was being rude).

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Unknown said...

That was my match and I know we both definitely felt bad about the timing!! She did play well and has a really bright future ahead! I sure don't want to run into her in a tournament a year from now!!